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Reading novel in your free time

Updated on August 10, 2016

Reading a novel you like

There are a lot of activities we can choose to fill up our free time.Most of us would choose to watch TV, play computer games, Facebook, Tagged,Myspace,networking or maybe sleeping.For me the best time to watch TV is when you have a specific program you already booked in mind just like when you choose to watch Manchester United and Barcelona on action.

Reading a novel seems very simple activity to do in your free time but actually when you touch and flip over page by page you will realize that a novel is not just a novel but full with excitement,emotion,frustration that will take you away from reality towards fantasy,dreams even your deep feeling.

Reading a novel is not to be specific in topic to choose which is exactly the same with your interest but sometimes a light topic such as romance and mystery can engage you to stay on one book till its finish.For me I prefer to choose a light romance novel with a little bit of mysteries and conflict.

I once came across a novel by Doreen Owens Malek,The Panther and The Pearl.It was an old novel but a winner of the RWA Golden Medallion and the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award.The journey of Sarah Woolcott who found herself a prisoner in the harem of young and virile Kalid Shah with her headstrong and courageous was the most fascinating novel full of excitement and romance that I most classify as the best novel I ever read.

Bestselling novels

To engage with something attractive,full of excitement that obviously making us to move further in reading novel is to pick a bestselling novel for a start.It is clearly because the bestselling novel has already been established by readers and some of them also had won awards and has been on publications for more than 2 or 3 times.

Choosing your interest

As a normal human being we tend to have our own interest in whatever we do every day instead of our routines. This also applies when picking up a novel title to read,smaller your scope of interest to the most you like such as mystery ,romance,thriller or horror.That is what I do when picking up a title to read.Frankly speaking I am not a novel lover at first but after coincidentally picked the right title and that novel manage to win my interest to continue and became addicted to novels.

Determine your interest

There are a lot of differences between choosing and determining your interest,Some pre readers most likely to simply pick the title which attract their eye sight interest regardless the content.Hence they started to forget what they have read after one or two reading books.

My advice is to flip over a few novel sheets to exactly determine your interest.By doing that you will be able to identify the right books or novel for you.To read the synopsis is also a good method in order to identify the correct choose.Once you have chosen the right category for your need,try to keep the same kind and title for that novel you choose.In that way the interest will grow up upon reading.You will sense the different after reading more novel of a kind.

Reading our own language novel

There are always an alternatives to what we like most in reading an interesting novel.If we are not comfortable enough to read English we can choose the right one in our own language novel. I am a Malaysian who likes to read novels and books in Malay too besides English. I also spend part of my free time to read a Bahasa Malaysia language novel.An author such as Norhayati Berahim,Aisya Sofea,Aina emir are among the bestseller writers in Malaysia.some of their novels were adapted into film and drama and screened on cinema and television.Kampung Girl by Umi Kalsom was the latest novel that were screened cast on a drama slot in Malaysia.It was a romantic comedy drama starred by Nad Zainal,Ashraf Khairi and Akim Ahmad as the main role player.

The matched wedding between Ainur Azmi and Ashraf Khairi has made this romantic comedy a novel to read as to feel the excitement of reading a novel.The conflict arises from the matched wedding has also made the novel chapter very interesting to read from the very beginning.

Besides websites and blogs bookstores are also has the specialty in their own circle to make you aware of new novel in the market. There are many popular bookstores where you can specifically choose the right books of your interest and needs. Google Play books is also an advisable place to look for more types of books even ebooks.

Rent a novel

I love to read novels in my free time so what I did for the past few years is renting it from friends, acquaintances and colleagues for a price they want to rent it out to me.The maximum price for a Bahasa Malaysia novel is roughly around 30 to 40 Ringgit Malaysia and the lowest is about RM10.

The way of renting is to pay the full price of that novel and when comes to returning time the cost of renting will be deducted from the full price. That kind of renting method is more on win win situation between novel owner and the readers.Nowadays rent a novels from website and blogs are becoming popular among novel lovers.There are many blog owners are renting the novel out also to readers for their convenience.

Reading online

In order to achieve convenience , readers also can read a novel online. Type in ' online novel' in your browser, you will see many websites are offering to read their online novel for free. Choose your interest and you will become one of novel readers.

Apart from reading online readers also can become their members. As a member like me you are eligible for a certain discount to place ads and novel submission.For some novel submission they are free of charge.

Reading novel online for free especially in your free time is very convenient and exciting activity to do and also to keep you aware that your line is priceless. There are many websites offering readers to read their online novel for free. Once again in my opinion instead of buying and keeping more and more books, magazine, novels and papers at home reading online novels is also a concrete reason to read more books or at least for a start.

As a reader actually there are many options, as a normal person we can decide whether to read online,buying or renting but the purpose is similar to everyone which is to fully occupied our free time to do something beneficial for us.

Finally I want to share a few book titles in English which I have read and extremely satisfied for what is inside ,the story,the word presentation and especially the mystery and the romance besides thrill.

  1. Sisters by Danielle Steel
  2. From the Heart by Nora Roberts
  3. Treachery in Death by J.D.Robb
  4. The Cottage by Danielle Steele
  5. I'll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz
  6. Count Down by Iris Johansen
  7. One Day at a Time by Danielle Steele
  8. And then you die by Iris Johansen
  9. Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb

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      abang, this is a great hub to start with. Your photos are not clear. You can try using pixabay pictures

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