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Recommended Reading List for the Celtic Witch

Updated on August 25, 2015
Book Stack
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Recommended Reading List for the Celtic Witch

I have comprised a short list of books that have been a great help to me on my Celtic wiccan path. These books are in my own humble opinion a valuable asset to any would be Celtic wiccan either starting out or in the early beginnings of their journey. Not all of these books on this list are solely relevant to Celtic wicca, and witchcraft. I felt the need to also include some books that encapsulated the Celtic Myths, legends, and deities in a more comprehensive way. These books will hopeful provide you with a greater understanding of the Celtic origins which I feel one should be at the very least somewhat familiar with. It is ultimately up to you to explore and learn more on the topics that you feel passionate about.

Recommended Reading List Page Summary:

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom
  • Goddess Alive!
  • Magic of the Celtic gods and Goddesses
  • Magic of the Celtic Otherworld
  • Celtic Myths and Legends

Bonus Book About the Celtic Lore:

The Ancient Celts

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom

Author: Carl McColman

About The Book:

Like all Complete Idiot's Guides books, The Complete Idiot's Guide To Celtic Wisdom dispenses a lot of bit sized morsels of a diverse amount of relevant information regarding Celtic Wisdom. The Guide to Celtic Wisdom book covers the origin of the Celts, touches briefly on some of the God, and Goddesses you are more likely to venerate, conveys a lot of useful information on the three Celtic paths for you to pursuit such as Seer, Druid, and Bard, as well as offers suggestions on to how proceed if you wish to further your knowledge base on whatever path you have chosen.

My Thoughts:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom is a great book for beginners, or people who are still testing the waters. It is sometimes hard for beginning to know where to find useful information on Celtic Witchcraft. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom will help you to get you feet wet in a hurry. All the bit sized morsels of information this book provides will give you a brief introduction into the many aspects, and diverse paths of the Celtic way of life. I would recommend using this book solely has an introduction to the Celtic World.

Glasses on Book
Glasses on Book | Source

Goddess Alive!

Author: Michelle Skye

About The Book:

Goddess Alive! Conveys some of the Celtic, and Norse Goddesses in a beautiful, and colorful stories, touching briefly on there origins, it helps you further by providing you with unique guided meditations, and something she calls path working which gives you examples that are sure to help you firstly developed a deeper understanding, and secondly create a connection to your chosen deities.

My Thoughts:

Goddess Alive! For the most part perfectly cover the turning of the year, and also the different faces of the moon that we as wiccans are in essence are very familiar with. It also unquestionably links to it one goddess from Celtic and Norse Mythology most commonly attributed to the Sabbath. All this is coupled with fun and unique activities, and ritual ideas for every one of it corresponding deities.

Magic of the Celtic Otherworld

Author: Steve Blamires

About The Book:

I find Magic of the Celtic Otherworld to be a very detailed book about the Celtic way of life. It covers a multitude of things from origins, to techniques and attitudes, concepts and beliefs, to Irish traditions, and finally the four festivals. Each of these engrossing topics are covered in their own chapters.

My Thoughts:

I feel Magic of the Celtic Otherworld does a great job in teaching you what you should know about the Celtic spirituality. The author does a wonderful job in keeping the natural progression and flow of this book so as to not leave you with any gaps on your learning path.

Read On!
Read On! | Source

Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Authors: Carl McColman and Katherine Hinds

About The Book:

Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddess takes a brief look at the more important, and interesting Celtic gods, and Goddesses in Celtic Mythology. It divides each chapter individually focusing on one deity at the time , and offers ideas, and suggestions about about the deities, in an attempt for you to foster a more intimate relationship.

My Thoughts:

I really like the ideas and suggestion regarding how to gain a deeper understanding on the Gods, and Goddesses of the Celtic World. I think Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses is useful in two ways first in either serving as a quick start on the Celtic Wiccan path, or secondly to further ones intimacy with the Gods, and Goddesses after a lot of research and understanding has been gained.

Celtic Myths and Legends

Author: T.W. Rolleston

About The Book:

Celtic Myths and legends covers many stories of the known and a few of the lesser known deities that made any kind of contribution even in a small measures to the way the Celtic Mythology is now viewed and understood in the modern world. The stories of the different characters mesh well together keeping the flow smooth and easy to follow.

My Thoughts:

There is not much I can say that is negative about Celtic Myths and Legends it is perhaps one of my favorite books about the Celtic Mythology. The stories about the Legends now known as God-esses are both beautifully and colorful writing.

Bonus Book About the Celtic Lore:

I truly feel that being a Celtic witch, pagan, or wiccan what have you, doesn't stop with just knowing about the craft itself. Now don't get me wrong I find the Celtic path has been for me very rewarding in and of itself. However for me personally I don't believe you can completely immerse yourself without also knowing, or having a greater understanding of its origins, and history. It is for this reason I have also included one book that have no relationship with Celtic witchcraft, but you should definitely feel free to explore if you also share the same opinion as I do on the matter.

The Ancient Celts

Author: Barry Cunliffe

About The Book:

The Ancient Celts is a very comprehensive and well illustrated book it cover many topics most people would like to know about the Celts and a few things you would have never considered thinking about. Detailed schematics or diagrams served to give you a further understanding of the most poignant topics. It also does well in demonstrating the drastic changes in the Celtic culture caused by insurmountable forces such as warfare, immigration, and religion.

My Thoughts:

The Ancient Celts take a look at the ancient Celts as it was documented by the Greeks and Romans. I felt some the materials does get a bit dry in some instances for my taste, but the author does well in keeping to the point and letting you draw your own conclusions on each matter.

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    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      3 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I've always admired celtic symbolism.


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