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How To Make Money Online As A Write

Updated on February 29, 2016
Man with money
Man with money | Source

There are real ways out there

There are thousands of articles on how making money online, some of which are good, but for the most part, what you will find is someone trying to sell you something, have you sell something, or to make money off of you by having you sign up for something. These people fully do make money online and know how to do it, but sadly most people that sign up or buy things like this will not.

That is precisely why I'm writing about it. After a good 5 years of trying to make money from writing, I believe I have found a way to generate a real monthly income, and I want to share it with others that are like myself but lost in the sea of ad's.

There are no affiliate links in the article, I do have them, but that is not what I'm writing here for. I want to help you make real money and not feel like I'm just trying to sale you something or have you click on something. Every site I list here I have used and I have made real money from, and you can also.

Real Work

Now these sites are not the get rich quick sites. They take the time to build and generate an income from. If you are just looking to make a small amount of money over a day or two these sites will not help you.

With these sites, you will need to be prepared to work them like a real job. While you can set your own hours and take time away you will need to put hours in as much as 6 or more a day to see a real income come in. I will detail how much you can make off of putting in the hour for each site from what I have been able to do.

 Iwriter Logo
Iwriter Logo | Source


Iwriter I'm putting this site first because it is the only site I will list that you can make money from the same day you start.

Iwriter is a writing marketplace where people come to request articles, blog post, and reviews to be written. You as a writer can go through the list of requests and choose the one you would like to write. At that time, you will be given anywhere from 2-4 hours to write your article using their Iwriter program.

When you first join you will start off as a basic member and making the least amount of money per writing job. You will make anywhere from $2 for a 150-word article to $10 for 1,000 words. You will then submit your writing to the requester and if they approve it, you will earn the money that was listed when you took the job, if they reject the writing you will not earn any money but they can still rate you which is both bad and good.

To earn more money on the site, you must move up through the ranking system. To earn the next rank you need 30 reviews that average 4 stars, the next rank are an average of 5 starts. This can be hard to get, but is possible if you write good content the for the most part even the requesters that reject your work will still leave an ok to a good review. At the top level, you will be making anywhere from $10-$40 an hour for the same work you were doing before.

Right now I average at a basic member level about 150-200 a week. I choose to get paid every Tuesday, and they pay through PayPal. I try to write 10-12 articles a day, out of that will see 2-4 get rejected. That's not too bad if you ask me.

Fiverr Logo
Fiverr Logo | Source


Fiverr is a great site, but can be a bit hard to break into at first When you first start out you will need to take to self-promote yourself through social media and other sources. It can take some time to start getting gigs, sometimes even a month or two, but after you get a first few and get some good review you will start seeing a study stream of money come in.

How Fiverr works is you list a gig something you are willing to do for $5 in this case we will write. Soon you gig you will say something like I will Write a 500 word article on any topic. The your write out you add and post it. Someone will see it and buy an article from you they will pay fever $5 and you will make $4.

Fever is not limited to, writing you can post a gig on almost anything you want and or good at and I'm sure there is someone out there wanting to buy it. My income from Fivrr varies a lot from almost nothing to $300 a week depending on up sales and everything. I think on average I earn about 150 a week for a few hours at work. The trick on fiverr that takes the most time is to get that first few customers after that your garden as long so you do good work.

HUbpages Logo
HUbpages Logo | Source


I love HubPages, and I have 1 other account that I use for writing recipes, food articles, and parenting tips. With the amount, I will make at least the $50 dollars needed for payout sometimes more but, at least, that amount,

Hubpages can take a long time to set up and start seeing money coming in. Just from what I have seen from my other account about 3 out of every 10 articles your write will be what is driving your traffic, and 1 out of those 10 will be the your best performing article from that set. The trick with HubPages to start getting a payout is content and lots of it. I'm not talking about a short post that is just tossed together in few minutes. Take your time and write as good as you can, this will drive you the best results.

Don't only try to write what is popular or what you think will bring you traffic, write what you enjoy, this will come across in your hubs and help you in the long run with getting a following. With any of the job, if you do not like what you are doing no matter how much time you put into it, you will not make as much as you could. So enjoy yourself and the money will soon follow.

writing | Source

Your own blog

This out of everything else listed here will take the most time, and effort to start seeing any form of money. But with your own blog you are in full control of what you want on it where your ads are if you even have been added and so on And any profit was driven from your blog is all yours.

You will be able to self-promote like crazy, know how to use SOE, and build backlinks, but all of this can be fun and worth it. I'm not going to name a blogging platform here as I feel that getting your own domain, and hosting then picking your platform based on your needs is one of the first steps to really get into blogging.

Few Tips

Do not be afraid to self-promote for your HubPages, and blog This will help drive traffic and start getting you seen by more people.

When writing for Iwriter and sometimes Fiverr you will have articles that get rejected. When this happen upload them to Hubpages, or to your own blog. If you know they are good articles that are original there is reason not to still make some money off of them

Every now and then you might also get a Hub that dies when this happens to go ahead and pull it off the site and after waiting for a week or so upload it to your blog.

Update your hubs nd your blog often to keep the content performing well, and up to date with changes that might have happened.

Make yourself a plan and stick to it. Decided how many days a week you want to work and for how many hours. How much time you want to write for each site and ow much time ou want to self-promote and build back links.

Interact with your fallowing and commenters. No one likes commenting on a blog or a hub and feel like there being ignored. The same with your tweeter, facebook, Pinterest, and so on. Don't only make it


Have you made any money from your writing online?

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Have you made money with your writing

I would love to know in the comment and this poll if you have reached a kind of success with your writing online even if it was just a dollar.

please feel free to tell your story in the comment, along with talking about any sites, tips, and tricks you might have.

Much Love
Much Love | Source

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this and leaving your comments. I hope I gave you the information you are looking for and answered you questions.

I look forward to reading all the comments and stories you guys leave. see you soon.


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