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Real life incidents

Updated on November 1, 2015

I have heard and read about the following attributes but i never possessed them all before i met some people or before i dealt with certain situations. Here, i will describe some of the incidents of my life that i have come across and the way i related them to the upcoming attributes.

  • Attribute - Helping others

I actually mean this, not only in monetary terms but in any possible way that we can help out others, especially, a needy person. I had been to a trip organized by my school. We enjoyed a lot but while returning back i experienced some emotional element that is quite hard to forget. We were getting into our buses. There was a very old man who stood by the side of our bus. He was selling some item there. He was unable to stand properly as he was constantly trembling because of his old age. He could stand there due to a stick that he had held for support which then fell onto the ground. I immediately ran up to him to hand over the stick. He might have blessed me. But i did not notice it as i ran towards my bus and cried terribly ( i don't know why ?). Numerous thoughts flowed through my mind like why is he doing work in such an old age ?, is there any other bread earner in his family ?, etc. Then we had to leave as it was getting late.

This was where i noticed the importance of 'helping others'. I prayed for a good life for that man. Instead, i should have given him some money as he was actually doing some productive work and not asking for money all around.

  • Attribute - Be strong

Well i am not that strong even now as i fear many things but this is a great attribute that one can possess. Once it was raining heavily and it was the night time (sometimes its the most horrified time for me). My entire family was at home and we had just finished with our dinner. I went to the kitchen to clean off the things. Meanwhile, one or two persons were trying to jump over our entrance gate. We were unaware of this till one of our neighbors called us up and described the situation. (my neighbor was standing under a tree so as it was dark the thief did not know that somebody is watching over). It was then my mother, father and brother went out with different things in hand to catch the person but he ran off. I was a little scared so i never came out.

But this is where i realized that we ought to be 'strong' enough to protect ourselves and to deal with tough situations.

  • Attribute - To forgive

I have had many friends throughout my life (from childhood till date) and all are really special to me. I treated all of them as equal. Therefore, i never had only one best friend. They all were great and equally formed a part of my life. Once i had a fight with one of my friends. We did not talk to each other for a couple of months. Meanwhile, we completed our graduations respectively and were still not in touch with each other.

This is where we realized the importance of 'forgiving others'. We could have spent numerous moments together and cherished more memories.

  • Attribute - Giving importance

I have been blessed with a great family. My father is a superhero who fulfills all my desires without paying attention to his needs. My mother is a working lady and still take cares of all our things and of us too. My brother is so supportive. We (my dear sibling - my brother and me) used to keep on fighting with each other on small issues. We would wait for one another to be the first one to feel 'sorry'. These were such funny fights (i would rather say our cute fights). But, my brother is away from home for his job.

Thus, now i do realize his and my parents 'importance'. They are very dear to me (more dear than my own life).


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    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 2 years ago from Punjab, India

      ok sure :) Manatita

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Just Manatita. It is my first name. Much peace.

    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 2 years ago from Punjab, India

      thanku so much Mr. manatita

      yes surely i'll look to it

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Super-excellent article. It is the very kind that will touch us, although some may initially resist it. Inspiration is always a gift. Your Hub is well written and expressed in a clever way. Add the divine, by that I mean to lift it higher, even if in a gentle way. Do not push. Much Love.

    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 2 years ago from Punjab, India

      thanku dearie! oh a brilliant job done by u. I really admire you. Someone or even i would not have given all the money may be. But there are people like you so genuine and so helpful.

      Stay happy, stay blessed

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago

      Sakshi, you are such a sweetheart! Yes, yes, we learn, we grow and which in turn makes us a better person. Life is a learning process. Glad you shared your experiences.

      I am sure we all have such experiences. I do. I am emotional too. A few days ago, as I was heading to a grocery store, I saw an old man singing in a low pitch while tuning to his guitar. I felt the music quite painful – it melted my heart. I could not resist. So I approached him. I looked at him carefully. There was an empty hat on the floor. I took out all the money I had in my purse and gave it to him. I felt so relieved. I felt content. He paused and gazed at me. And, with his teary eyes, he said, “God bless you, my dear… but this is too much.” I smiled and told him that this amount is nothing at front of his blessings. I learnt how would have I felt had I were in his shoes. Oh – only the sufferer knows his sufferings!

      Well, at the end of the day, we are beholden to such experiences, for they are those silent whispers in our ears… to guide us… to nurture us. Jai Bhaghwan ji. God bless you and I wish you all the best your future endeavours. Keep it up. Much love to you.

    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 2 years ago from Punjab, India

      oh yes i completely agree with you. Thanku for your time and the answer :)

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Good. keep writing. the reason you cried is because you were emotionally growing then.

      It happened to me too when I casually hugged, wrote an emotional letter, blasted wrong doing all for the first time. but as we grow it becomes a strength and should be used as a guiding force to keep a balance b.w practicality and ones own emotion.

      - hari