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Reality Bytes:

Updated on August 3, 2014


Don't you envy the prisoner?

Does not some shred of pity abound in a frigid soul?

Despite contempt proving the overwhelming assessment

of their life on a skin deep cursory evaluation?

However earnest in the race to extricate any iota of similarity,

you deliberately overlooked the shared affinity with the inmate.

Failed to realise your own intangible incarceration over their apparent one?

Reality Bytes with the venom of snake!

Bytes as vampiric teeth into a cookie,

dental memory banks registering taste for the whole,

synthetic enamel, offering up flavour to the motherboard altar.

© Brad James, 2014.


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 3 years ago from SW England

      Imprisoned in a computer or by a computer? Or just being the same as the next human being?

      Great food for thought!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very interesting.

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 3 years ago from Northeast United States

      I love this :) I love your descriptive metaphors and subject matter.