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I "Really Wish" Best Manly Wishes Poem

Updated on September 17, 2021
manlypoetryman profile image

When a Man sets out to do Poetry he already has to figure it will be taken into some kind of odd consideration to begin with.Oh, Who Cares !

A Few Honest "Really Wishes"...

Really Wish...I had not veered left...when I should'a turned right...

Really Wish...I'd of spent more time enjoying the day...after a really long night !

Really Wish...I hadn't let things get to me so much...

Really Wish...I had spent more the arms of her loving touch.

Really Wish...I had enjoyed more bologna sandwiches by the beach...

Really Wish...I had listened to more folks...instead of trying to preach.

Really Wish...I had spent more time and money invested in a hobby...

Really Wish...I had backhanded some of the one's that treated me snobly.

Really Wish...I could take a quick orbit...out into Space...

Really Wish...I never had to go around each day...trying to save face.

Really had never gone off to War...

Really Wish...things was like they were before.

Really Wish...We were on the same page...a lot more often...

Really Wish...I had thanked more people along the way...from all the help I've gotten.

Really Wish...I could have spent more time...seeing all the sights...

Really Wish...I'd of already seen my book's name...up in lights !

Really Wish...I'd have never gone to Oklahoma...though I'm really glad I did...

Really Wish...I'd have been more concerned about my future...when I was a kid.

Really Wish...You would not frown so much...these days...

Really Wish...I would not have turned many wrong ways.

Really Wish...I was having more fun today...

Really Wish...I could write this Ok...and have the right words to say.

Really Wish...I could have just by-passed High School...

Really Wish...I would see more folks living by the "Golden Rule" !

Really Wish...You had not grown up so fast...

Really Wish...There had been a way to make many more moments last.

Really Wish...My Hometeam had won at least one Super Bowl...

Really Wish...Chicken Soup was...actually good for the Soul.

Really Wish...All my dreams would come true that I've been wishin'

Really Wish...I was on a quiet cove right now...fishin'

Really Wish...We had a lot more time together...

Really Wish...We never had to be aware that there are changes in the weather.

Really Wish...I could jump over cars on a Evel Knievel use to...

Really Wish...I had not been through...all that you have put me through.

Really Wish...I could speak more often...exactly from my heart...

Really Wish...I'd finish more projects...before the next one comes around for me to start !

Really Wish...I could not have said the things I said...

Really Wish...I had more time to straighten each flowerbed.

Really Wish...I could take a Race Car out for a spin...

Really Wish...I could scream for no good reason...instead of holding it in.

Really Wish...That Airplane Flight Tickets were as cheap as a book of stamps...

Really Wish...I could eat jalapenos still...with out getting stomach cramps.

Really Wish...I could have a very long day...just to be bored...

Really Wish...I had tried out more of my ideas...that I eventually ignored.

Really Wish...That my love and I could go somewhere peaceful and hide...

Really Wish...I wouldn't boast for anything...and swallow all my pride.

Really Wish...I could run down to the I use to...with that ol' dog...

Really Wish...I was by a campfire now...I can smell the pine I add another log.

Really Wish...But...Oh...What does it even matter...

What I really wish...I'll just have to wait I get madder and madder.

I have wished and wished...and really...Where has it gotten me thus far...?

Has anything worked out like I wished for...then why even concern myself...when I see a falling star?

Does everything that you ever wished...come true?

Does everything that is really true...come from something you wished for...What say you?

I really wish and wish...and then end up...wishing my whole day through...

I never really thing by wishing...Why then do I wish...I wish I knew ?

I really wish...that I never even had to wish...before each wish ever has to be said...

I wish that all my dreams would come true...without another wish having to be wished...instead !

A Wish...a Real as the wind...

But friend...was born to here I go more time again !

© 2010 ManlyPoetryMan


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