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Reason To Laugh

Updated on July 23, 2017
Rachu Murali profile image

Muralidhar as rachu murali have Logged in On 26-June-2017 In hubpages to Show His talent on Writing Poetry.

Reason To Laugh.

I Am Very Cool, Because I Am Not A Fool,

I Am Within Peace, As My Pains Dived Into Pool,

Breaking My Head, For Earning My Bread,

Let Me Think Cool, Without Any Threat.

Money Might Be More, Like Pearls In The Sea,

Burdening Like The Ass, To Fetch Food of Plea?,

My Heart Is Own Brand, Which Is Very Grand,

Victory May Be Earned, But Ends Up Inside Sand.

Why The Hell We Desire To Compete Dark,

When Happiness Lies In Our Own Smiling Spark,

Learning To Laugh Is To Reason For Smile,

Without The Smile Heart Gets Trap In Its Exile.


© 2017 Muralidhar Krishnamurthy


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