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Receiving A Letter From Your Heart

Updated on May 31, 2011

A few years ago I learned this great technique to take out all your feelings. Consist in write a letter. Write a letter dedicated to yourself from your heart. In that letter you are going to express all your feelings, all what you need to say. Maybe something bothers you and you don't want to discuss it with anybody. Or maybe your mood is not the best one today. You woke up sad, depress, thinking about your life or reflexive about a past relationship. This will be a great therapy for you. After you write this letter you will feel much better with yourself. Let's learn more about writing a letter from your heart.

How You Are Going To Do This

First you are going to take a piece of paper and a pen. You are going to sit in a quite and peaceful place. Then you are going to express in that piece of paper all you are feeling at that moment. At the bottom of the letter you are going to sign with this: "With Love, Your Heart." And that's it. It is very easy to do. Personally I feel very light when I do this. I use to do it specially when something bothers me and I am not able to tell anybody. I try to be very detailed, so I can leave everything behind in that paper. It help to clear my mind and to have a fresh brand new start. You can do whatever you want with that letter. I use to save them and wait for a while before read them again. Other times I write them and then throw them away, but always the purpose of the letter is done.

I can say most of these letters I write are about love. Different kinds of love, but still love. It could be about a romantic relationship, about to be a mom, or even about my family. Sometimes is just about me. About my frustrations, or my goals, or challenges I make to myself. Sometimes is about my past, I write about things I wish to change or memories a cherish very much. The point is to find a way to take all those ideas out of your system.

A Modern Way To Write Your Letters

If you are a fan of technology, you can also write your letter in a blog. It will be like your personal secret spot. This is a really cool way to write your letters. You can make a blog for free and can decorate it the way you like. There is a lot of options you can choose to make your blog look cool. The blog can be like a journal for you where you can express yourself. Many people do this. Is something fun too and maybe you end making it like a hobby.

Just Express Yourself

No matter the way you choose to write your letters, just express yourself. Be honest with you and write from the most deep of your heart. Liberate all your stress, all the pressure, all the worries. Feel fresh and ready for the new adventures of life. There are awesome experiences waiting for you.


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    • profile image

      Fiddleman 6 years ago

      Some well thought tips for letter writing. I love reading old letters. An art that is lost in today's microwave,cell phone, text it society