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Recipe For Beating Writer's Block

Updated on July 16, 2019

Every writer has struggled with the dreaded writer's block. Ideas aren't flowing like they used to, and the ones you have don't seem to be too great. You want to write though, but you cant seem to get anything on the page. What causes writer's block, and how do we get rid of it?

1. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the main reasons for my own writer's block. I want my work to be perfect the first time around and tend to edit as I write. First drafts are not meant to be perfect. Getting hung up on every little detail is the perfect way to lose your drive to write.

2. Stress

Attempting to write while stressed is like driving a car with your eyes closed. You're going to crash. Your mind is already under pressure and forcing it to come up with ideas is not going to help.

3. Poor Mental Health

As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, I can attest to how difficult it is to write in those mind states. The lack of energy and motivation that comes along with depression can make it extremely hard to sit down and get your ideas on paper. If you do struggle with some form of a mental illness, be sure you are taking care of yourself so that it does not impact your writing.

These are the three causes that effect me personally, but there are many more reasons as to why a person may be experiencing writer's block.

Do not stare at a blank page or screen, it'll drive you mad.

Overcoming Writer's Block

Now that some causes of writer's block have been discussed, I'll move on to how you can beat it.

1. Free write

Throw caution to the wind, ignore grammatical rules and write. Free writing allows you to write whatever comes to your mind without thinking too hard about it. Set a timer and write whatever comes to mind. There may just be a great idea somewhere in the mix.

2. Change of scenery

If you're not feeling inspired in the typical environment you write in, try writing somewhere else. I visit my local library when I don't feel motivated to write at home. There's something magical about writing while surrounded by so many books.

3. Use writing prompts

There are many free creative writing prompts available on the internet. All you have to do is search "creative writing prompts," and your options are never ending. This is a good way to get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing.

4. Read more

To become a better writer you should read read more. Reading allows you to see the different types of styles authors use and can inspire you to create something of your own.

5. Set a writing schedule

If you're having a hard time writing, it would be helpful to set up a writing schedule. Use your phone to set alarms for when you want to write. You can also set timers for how long you want to write; I would start off with five minutes of writing every day if you're in a deep rut.

6. Take a break

If you're feeling frazzled do not force yourself to write. Take a break and do something else you enjoy such as going on a walk, listening to music, watching tv, etc. Do not stare at a blank page or screen, it'll drive you mad.

7. Write about writer's block

The perfect thing to write about when you're struggling to write is write's block! Write about the way it makes you feel, use it in a poem, make it the antagonist in a story, the sky's the limit.

8. Try a different style of writing

Try to write in a style you've never done before. Try to write poetry, or if you already write poetry, try writing different kind of poems. Haikus, acrostic, free verse, etc. I recently began writing a fan fiction story on wattpad and it has been quite fun. Branch out and try to write in a way that you haven't before.

9. Write on a different medium

Sometimes writing on a computer is difficult, in those times, try switching over to hand writing your material. Hand writing seems to be much easier for me and what is written can be transferred to a computer.

This list could go on, but these are just some of the ways that I get over writer's block. How do you clear the cob webs from your head?

© 2019 Kira


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