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Recipe for Workaholics - poem

Updated on June 26, 2017
Titia profile image

Writing poetry is a hobby. English is not my native language but I learned a lot during the past years. Thanks to Poet friends.

Nature | Source

Recipe for Workaholics

You just forgot to look around, on steps you made each day.
I'll try to help you look at things in a slightly different way.
Set your clock ahead of time, twenty minutes will do the trick,
that way you have a lot of time, to choose what clothes to pick.

You even might enjoy a sunrise, at an early morning dawn,
or see the little drops of mist, on a recently mowed lawn.
If you're lucky there might be birds, or even a grey dove,
who's coo cooing so loud and clear, in his dance of love.

When your day of work begins, smile at all who's there.
Ask them if they're doing well, show them you do care
and after work, go to a park and sit there for a while,
shut off your phone, enjoy the sight, or walk about a mile.

Look, not glance, but truly look at all that comes in sight,
another world will open up, you'd be surprised, you might
and when the evening falls upon where ever you might be,
drown your soul in starry streetlights, let your soul fly free.

Cooking dinner will be a pleasure, after wind has blown your hair
Nature - when you're looking closely - has such an awful lot to share.

© 2017 Titia Geertman


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