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Red Dragon: a Prose Poem

Updated on April 5, 2013

God's Jewelry Store

The hour passes under the grey moon, a clear night; we bask in the cold Silver Beach. My best maiden, a telescope, our blankets and beats. The i-pad thumps the sounds, Oh those sounds of the prophet, Shakur. The sky grows ever blacker, ever clearer, a diamond showroom appears. We gaze at the case of luxury lights; Gods wants to sell me a jewel. Perhaps, I shall ride my Red Dragon to make my transaction, my purchase, my exchange. My gift and offering to my queen; my liege, my supreme. She sits in awe of the jewelry store, resting on a sand and blanket throne; she window shops at the jewelery store of our Lord. God is selling me a jewel, he makes his pitch: Try on Betelgeuse like a ring, or wear Rigel as a brooch. Take a look at pearls like Jupiter- wouldn’t that be such a thing? Andromeda can be her bracelet, wrap her neck in the Milky Way, adorn your true love in a tattoo shaped like nebulae. Our lord, the jewelry salesman, makes his glorious pitch to me, he wants me to climb and ride my Red Dragon and fly across the sea. The Dragon chose a modest home inside a McDonalds cup. A “trojan horse” in a fortress to keep the lawman at bay, the foolish tyrants whom wish to rob me of the Dragon. The more I sip, the longer they stay away, and still as we gaze upon the sky’s vast array. An array of the finest emeralds of Virgo, twinkling rubies of Proxima the Centuri, a the lush brilliance of Sirius, and what better fire than Beta Pegasi. I look away from the eyepiece between me and God’s shop, and I see the smile on the queen’s face. And with a mighty gulp, I consume the blood of my Red Dragon and take on the dare, to intoxicate all my senses; to become more aware. With fear, with lust, with my own understanding alone, I cannot bring the treasures of the universe to my queen’s throne. I must further my quest, run the gambit, face the gauntlet; consume the Dragon’s nectar until I lose all fear, lose all doubt so that I may ride atop the Dragon and yell “Hey-Yah! Mush! Giddy-up! Onward and Upward, mighty steed!” To the planets of Neptune, Pluto, and the moon of Ganymede! For I must reach a summit and be ever closer to a goal. As I must make haste with no time to waste as my queen awaits for gold. Will my Dragon make the trip across the great Lake Michigan Sea? My thirst for adventure is the fruit of the vine, the potion that gives way to the strength of the Dragon: a mighty flying red steed!


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