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Red Headed Woman

Updated on August 5, 2012

Red headed woman, I don't know your name,

You're a red hot flame in my heart and brain.

Insane body heat when our eyes meet,

red headed woman, with your red hot lips so sweet.

You give me hot fun-lovin' chills from head to feet,

whenever our eyes meet.

Your eyes are the color of everything that's good

and sweet, or like a rainbow so cool, the color is blue.

Your skin is like ivory, satin and silk.

Your beauty is very pleasing and you have my heart

singing, and singing.

Red headed woman whose name I don't know,

in my dreams we funk-n-rolled.

I'm romantically yours and I'm doing all the things to you,

that you told me to do, that you ask me to.

Red headed woman whose name I don't know,

you are my sweet rose. The things we did no one,

needs to know, the way we funk-n-rolled.

Red headed woman whose name I now know,

thank you for all the friendship and kindness,

fun lovin' and shyness, you have given and

shown me.

Red headed woman, red headed woman,

Hold me red headed woman.

Women are a wonderful gift from God. Breathtakingly beautiful and they come in all shades. The poem is about a woman that was stunning, breathtaking that I met years ago. She grabbed my heart, my spirit, my soul. Never had the opportunity to date her; but she captivated my mind.

Women are the epitome of our world, they are kind, considerate, compassionate, loving and understanding. When I write it comes from deep within along with life-long experiences. They should be treated with respect and a man should admire them for their strengths and sensitivity.

There is something mysterious about a woman that a man will not ever understand and if we as men will not ever be able to figure them out.

Copyrighted material the work cannot be duplicated, copied and use without the written permission of the author.


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    • Mesha Minnerman profile image

      Mesha Minnerman 5 years ago from Merced

      You're welcome

    • Eric Powell Jones profile image

      Eric Powell Jones 5 years ago from West Coast

      Mesha Minnerman: It was a long-time ago, we ended up being friends but it impacted me at that time. Thanks sweetie for commenting.

    • Mesha Minnerman profile image

      Mesha Minnerman 5 years ago from Merced

      It takes a special woman to make a man write a poem...this is a lucky red headed woman.