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Redemption iv

Updated on October 21, 2015

It brings my soul much joy to see my truly liberated and progressive people who know that what is done to the least of us is done to all of us. In the tradition of Harriet Tubman and the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we are free today to celebrate the lives of our people who were murdered during the transatlantic slave trade and weep for the sexual degradation of my women our queens who have remained graceful throughout centuries of horrific conditions and we are thankful to have concluded upon nonviolence in our communities we are highly educated and resourceful as we embrace our natural position as a front runner in science and culture as we rely upon our spiritual resources in righteousness in the wisdom of felled kingdoms let us not judge our former captors and silent bystanders as we are uplifted among all of the tribes upon earth and no longer cursed or oppressed. Yes, today we celebrate the lives of our ancestors, what a journey it has been no longer humored with symbolism tempered with humility, the stress we once bore seemed too great and our burden too mighty to carry now we sow seamlessly the seeds which harvest plenty and we are dispersed globally seemingly without a home and constantly swept yet blown like pollen and grown like hemp and knotted like rope one love iv


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