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Redgage the Best Place to Promote Content While You Make Money

Updated on April 21, 2012

Earn money online with Redgage while you promote your work

Redgage is one of those resources that you cannot afford to pass up as an online writer that wants to promote their work and earn great money.
Redgage is one of those resources that you cannot afford to pass up as an online writer that wants to promote their work and earn great money. | Source

make money online with Redgage

Redgage is a unique combination of a social bookmarking site and a social networking site. The community is extremely friendly and a number of writers find network friends at Redgage that they have also connected with other places on the web. Redgage is a network of sharing your online content that permits you an opportunity to earn from something you want to do anyway. Adding your content for back links is promoting your work and earning money while doing it with Redgage.

The atmosphere is casual and friendly. There is a lot of support from members of Redgage for the content and the writers that join. Being more social in the community generally will result in more page views from other writers for a writer’s content. Though, the community is so friendly and attractive it’s extremely easy to work within the site to advocate any online work you have.

This is a tutorial for working Redgage to benefit a writer’s content through promoting your work and earning a terrific source of income while doing it.

Redgage Back Linking

Redgage is one of the best back linking resources around the web today. This particular content sharing site not only allows a freelance writer to promote their written content, but it also provides a source of sharing pictures and images.

One of the biggest advantages of Redgage is the opportunity to create back links to promote your content. It builds a source of income for your writing that is not found with a lot of other similar social bookmarking or social networking groups found on the web today. The interface is very easy to navigate and adding content is done in a snap.

You can link blog posts, articles and other content with a URL that you would like to share or promote. With a great page rank, adding content to Redgage is a plus and worth the effort. Adding these back links can increase the page rank of your content while publicizing online work.

The Redgage Community

Redgage offers a number of unique tools for interacting within the Redgage community. The Redgage community is similar to other social networking/social bookmarking sites. You have the capability to connect with friends. As you connect with friends in the Redgage community you are able to communicate through a message board, share your personal content and also distribute content you have discovered within the network from other authors and photographers.

Friends that are located within Redgage or that you connect with are able to follow your RSS feed to subscribe to uploads linked to your profile. This delivers an ideal online solution to obtain the most recent headlines from your favorite blogs, websites and other content all in one place. More page views mean more money. Whether page views come from inside or outside of the community online content will earn money.

Redgage Tools to use to increase your pages views

Redgage has several tools that afford you the opportunity to bring readers to the site, but more importantly to convey your content to readers which earns you online income. Increasing page views to your content increases your income.

Invite tool-the invite tool is used to link to the Redgage profile you have created

Broadcast tool-the Broadcast Tool with Redgage offers readers the opportunity to learn what you have going on with your content. It shares content with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. Redgage will post your happenings on Redgage with these social networks.

Import Tool-this is a valuable tool for sharing content. The Import Tool brings in content from a members blogs, websites, Twitter, etc. Whatever resource a member specifies will have content automatically added to the site

Making Money Online with Redgage

Redgage allows members the opportunity to make money online with their content while back linking at the same time. There are several ways members can utilize this money making online resource.

Create a Redgage social network-being active in the community is a must. Viewing the content of other authors, meeting people, engaging with them and socializing through comments and other sources will promote your content and increase views.

Share your work-Whether you have pictures and images, photographs, poems, articles or whatever you have created be sure and share with others around Redgage.

Tags-tags are important to any web content. Tags are used by search engines to find your work. When readers, including members of the community, are searching for specific items it is important to make tags work for you. Tags add a specific description of the work added to Redgage and helps to promote it.

Tags are extremely important in bringing content more unique page views. The more unique page views earned means more online income for you.

Cross posting work-a lot of writers forget this source. Work can be posted through more than one source on Redgage. For an example, if you have a blog post be sure and post the blog as well as post the article URL. Cross posting will increase the chance of having work recognized and increase page views.

Contests-Redgage does offer contests where members can win a $25 contest. This is a random contest and given to any member at any time. There are a number of members that have earning a hundred dollars or more simply for being part of the community.

Redgage payment

Redgage doesn’t have an advertising income sharing source similar to a number of writing sites. Instead of sharing ad revenue through sources like Adsense or Chitika they have their own formula for reimbursement. Members cannot review earned income through Google Analytics, but there is a page of information visible on the site which shows the number of content views and income received.

More money is earned with the site for unique page views. These are page views found outside of the community from readers that find your content through web searches. The more page views produced for content the more money is made.

Payment is made via a Redgage MasterCard. Payment is issued after a threshold of $25 is met.

In conclusion

This is an overview of Redgage and making money online using this social bookmarking or social networking resource. Writers that have content they would like to promote cannot go wrong with using Redgage to do so. Earn more money online for something you would like to do anyway. You can meet and connect with a wonderful community while doing so.


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    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks for sharing all this great information, sounds like a great place,i will have to check it out !

      Vote up and more !!!

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I really have been trying to figure out how to use it effectively. Thanks you for the information. This is a great guide. Voted up and useful.

    • janiek13 profile image

      Mary Krenz 5 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

      I am already a member of redguage, but I will have to take another look. great hub!