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Refined Daughter

Updated on April 22, 2016


Find a man who is nothing like me

Find a man who will not resent himself and look to you for answers

Find a man who will not find you tedious or ordinary

Find a man who values honesty

Find a man who will challenge you

Find a man who is loyal

Find a man who will cherish the children you share

Find a man who worships you, the mother of his child

And if you have a daughter she will love her father

Know that these men exist even if I haven’t been a example to you

Know I have suffered for my mistakes and continue to suffer

I am the left overs of a past that will end with my death

Know I never had a chance

This cycle ends with me

I have failed you in more ways than a father should

And I’m still blinded by my own arrogance

I still do not know the value of time

And I am no wiser than when I was a younger man

Take my life as an example

And a map of what to avoid

In a partner

In a man

In life

My best qualities do exist in you

Refine them and make them your own

So you are more prefect than I could have ever been.


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