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Reflections Of James Halpin : Flowers Among The Weeds

Updated on September 23, 2011

Flowers Amongst The Weeds

Flowers Amongst The Weeds

July 13,2008

As many may tell you I'm not one for doing yard work. In fact, I pretty much despise it. So after much procrastination I do it.The thing that stood out as needing the most work is weeding the garden. The area of the yard that was to stand out as a mark of beauty was nothing more then an overflowing patch of weeds.

Surveying the overgrowth,I knew that there something of beauty hidden amongst the weeds. I was tempted to do it the quick and easy way. Getting the electric hedge trimmers and just hack away. Not wanting to detroy everything I stood there and contemplated what I would do. I started to think about how much this garden was like my life.

The definition of weed is "any undesired, uncultivated plant, esp. one growing in profusion so as to crowd out a desired crop, disfigure a lawn, etc. " (Wikipedia) There are many weeds in my life that I would like to pluck out and send away in the weekly trash. But there are many good things in my life. Things that I would never throw away. Things that I want to see grow and see their beauty in each passing day. So shredding it all was not an option.

So I put on my gloves , got on my knees and started plucking away. Slowly but surely the beauty started to re-emerge. Flowers that were once buried amongst the weeds welcomed the unblocked sunlight.

Pulling the weeds I began to think of how we let weeds overrun our lives. We let 'things' have their control and lose sight of the beauty that is in us. So much so that weeds is all we have. But that isn't what God has in mind for us. That beauty in us is love. Love is God and God is love. Love for our brother, love for our neighbors, love for those who hate us. So when we let the weeds overrun us the love isn't able to get out.So you might ask ,"How do I get rid of the weeds?" You could get rid of them yourself. But they'll only be gone for a season. I know of only one true gardener and His name is Jesus. Only He has the power to rid your life of all the weeds. When we let Him into our life and walk with Him daily He will keep the garden cleard of weeds.


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    • James Halpin profile image

      James Halpin 6 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Thank you for your kind comment.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Your hub took a turn I did not expect. It was very inspirational. Voted up.