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Reflections of a Broken Heart

Updated on June 3, 2017

I saw her in the mirror, who she was I did not know

she was staring at me as I gazed at her wondering were she had been

Lost somewhere between now, and then, had she surfaced to try to find her way back

Images of the past in front of her mind, in the back of her mind only memories

Eyes of brown filled with saddened blue

Lips ready to say I miss you

Ears ready to hear I love you just one more time, but it never came

Her countenance is differant yet the face was somehow the same

I knew her once but no longer does she know me

Time stands still, still she stands alone

Effortlessly she hangs on to what is left of what once was

Yet gone forever, what was can never return or be replaced

She tried to smile at me but it did not come

The cry of her heart was to much to bare

And only the tears of pain could I see

As the reflection stared back at me


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