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Reflections of youth

Updated on April 17, 2012


Nothing beats being fourteen, Days they seemed to never end.

The friends you had back then,

That first group of friends that you done everything with,

That group of friends that it did not matter if you had money,

There were so many other things to do other than worry about a burden such as money,

That group of friends that did not have a problem getting up at 530 in the morning to get extra hours playing in the woods,

Or hike twenty miles down the canal bank searching for a treasure that had manifested in their imaginations,

Or gut the parts out of a old junk lawn tractor, then push it three miles in the August heat, just to take turns riding it down the most dangerous hill in the county,

That old group of friends who never thought twice about having a back yard camp out in late September,

They were the kids who made a mechanical bull out of rope and a burning barrel, then took turns pulling the rope while one rode,

They were the kids who laughed until they cried over Beavis and Butthead, or something as simple as a fart joke or a fart sound,

They were the kids that knew everything there was to know about having sex, but never got any, Funny none of them were virgins,

They were the group of friends who no matter how bad the problem was for one of them they would talk about it, without a worry in the world of being picked on,

They were the friends that made a pact never to grow up, not comprehending it was out of their control,

They were the friends that grew up,

Drifted away,

All there time spent together was truly a blessing,

They were the best friends a kid could ask for,

They were my friends.

(Dedicated to the best friends a kid could ask for......They will always be on my mind......)



C.D........................................................Time on earth is a blessing, out the eyes of a child, before the days status pick your friends, before life turns vile.


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