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Regret a poem

Updated on February 6, 2012



So many years spent in regret.

To many dark summers I can’t forget.

Precious dreams, trampled and broken.

Hateful words that should have never been spoken.

A blanket of stars in a velvet sky.

So many tears left to cry.

Like red roses fading on the vine,

I missed the chances that could have been mine.

So much chaos, and things that didn’t matter.

To much confusion, and thoughts that scatter.

Life goes by so very fast,

Wasted time , regretting the past.


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    • profile image

      netteplo 3 years ago

      Sorry, the administrator remove the theme.

    • Montana Jim profile image

      Montana Jim 5 years ago from Montana

      Ive never been able to put the true darkness in my head to words,

      I am scared of them and scared of what people might think of

      I have read many of your poems I like them very much.

      I chose this one to comment on because Regret is a constant in my life....

      Keep writing!