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Regretting A Heartbreak

Updated on August 9, 2017

Have you ever experienced regretting for not telling someone what you really feel? It is very easy to fall in love with someone. But sometimes the hardest part of the game is telling the person what you really feel. Well, perhaps that's why I am a little bit regretful. I never had courage to speak. I never had the strength to show my love. That is why I put it into writing:

If only I learned to love before…

I wont regret leaving her.

I won’t regret ignoring her.

I won’t regret the things I should have told her.

I won’t regret…

Unfortunately, I failed.

I failed to tell her what I feel.

I failed to stay with her always.

I failed.

In short, I got afraid.

I am afraid that one day I might lose her.

I am afraid that I might be hurting her.

I am afraid to just be away from her.

But I love her. Even though she’s gone.

The only things I have now are memories.

Memories that will always be in my heart…

Memories that will always be a symbol

Of the girl I failed to love before.

Of the girl I got scared in loving.

And of the girl I regret of not holding on.

Soon the winds of time

Might just lead us on the same path again.

Soon chances might be given.

And soon the fire might just ignite again,

And awaken this sleeping heart of mine.

To love and be with you again…

Yet for now, that is only an illusion.

An illusion of hope…

Hope of “I” and “you” becoming “us”.


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    • profile image

      nusrat jahan chow 5 months ago

      You write good, sir.