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Relationship Frustrations...A Letter to My Love

Updated on December 21, 2011


How can you build trust when you dont even try? How can you begin to mend what has left you because of sin?

How can you imagine what is in store especially if you concentrate on what is out the door?

Building a house does not happen in a day, especially if the wood has molted away. Knock it all down rebuild your foundation, allow the concrete to settle before building the relation. Believe you can do it, trust and try, for the stability of your house will be rewarding after the paint dries. I am telling you this for all good reasons my love is a parable and it endures through all seasons.

Forgive yourself, then forgive my actions and know that my heart was under protection. I am an emotional chick - ten years of learning how could you forget, or pretend not to know that my heart is like a dove and is pure as gold.


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