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Relationship Captions for Instagram and Facebook

Updated on August 15, 2015

Relationships Quotes and Sayings

We are quick to say we want to be in a relationship with someone but that’s almost like saying I want to be a nurse without going to school for it. Men and women are very different. What's the Difference? Men are motivated when they feel needed; women are motivated when they feel cherished. By nature women offer unsolicited advice and direction, men don't like that. They were made to exhaust every option on their own and find the solution. Anything less makes them feels insecure and that you don't believe in his ability to make the correct decision. Just like we learn to accomplish things in life, seek understanding in your love interest.

Relationship Quotes for Facebook status!

  1. Relationships is the union of two hearts joined in love, it’s always having someone you feel so proud of.
  2. Best part of not having a perfect relationship is the kissing & making up part… it’s important that we consider the things we want to be apart of. You can't do everything and do anything well.
  3. If someone falls in love with you, don't run and tell it just to prove that you know something that other people don’t. If someone gives you their trust, don't run and use it as gossip.
  4. Marriage is not an end in itself; but a means to an end. So don't let your spouse determine your destiny; let the nature of your destiny determine your choice of a spouse!
  5. Relationship means sharing the trials of each day and caring for someone making sure they're ok. It's riding the storms until sunnier weather, by working things out and staying together.
  6. If you don't know the ins and outs of our whole relationship your input is not needed, required, or desired.
  7. It's in your best interest to be ready for him, and understand him. It's not okay to look for an accomplished mate, when you have accomplished nothing yourself.
  8. At the moment when the incoherence of illness and pain makes it seem that all you have lived for has been taken away or is about to be lost, you can find something beautiful to focus and live in.
  9. As long as you are aware that some people will make use of you and if you don't mind they make use of you that's fine. Doing good things is a voluntary act, no one should ask for anything in return.
  10. The strength of a man is not in his ability to hold a woman against her wish; but in his ability to let her follow her heart, even if he gets hurt in the process.
  11. It's crazy how you can love someone more than your own self and when you take a step back and look at the whole relationship you see a rainbow while the world sees garbage and you start believing garbage and before you know it, your rainbow has become toxic.
  12. The person you intend to spend the rest of your life with should know exactly what you need. Don’t make them guess. Tell them.
  13. Your soulmate is the one person who should still trust in you even in those moments when you move violently to judge yourself.
  14. Relationship doesn’t mean how long you've been living together and how sure you are that your relationship won't end. You still have to prove that you wouldn't want to lose him/her.
  15. Some relationships choose to end-up it's not because they love someone else, but because their relationship status for someone who falls short of what they deserve.
  16. The most difficult aspect of someone saying they love you is determining if the one that's saying they love you is willing to go through everything it takes to maintain that love. Be smart and pray hard before you love back.

Relationship Quotes for Instagram

  • Girls, if you don’t want your man looking at other uncovered girls on the internet, then you better give them what they want.
  • If you can’t love a lady besides wanting to fulfill your instincts or have the need to look at her body now and then, I don’t know what kind of relationship is that.
  • If a woman wants a man to stop looking at online dating sites, then she should please him instead. If she can't, then she should shut up.
  • Be equally repression, whoever you become one with is such a huge decision. You have to be able to love that person even when you can't stand that person.
  • We all have our ups and downs but as long as you have someone beside you, you'll have more ups than downs.
  • Don't be in a relationship, if you still have a single person's mentality.

You need to be thinking about common interest to secure a relationship. Looks will fade and there will always be someone who LOOKS more attractive. You have to have a bond that's deeper than life. Can you lay your life down for their desires? People aren't helping you by giving you peripheral tributes. What about your spirit? That's the person that they're going to have to live with for the rest of their life.


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    • profile image

      Chris Benson 

      4 years ago

      I find it funny when you have known a person a long time you friend then and time goes on you meet mutual friends and what not but then the original friend irritates you and you facebook breakup but then you you still see friends of that friend pop up since you decided to part ways. I guess its funny because when you become better friends with your ex girlfriends friends than you were your friends it is there loss!

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 

      4 years ago from India

      Nice, thank you.


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