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Relentless, Time

Updated on November 24, 2013
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Relentless, Time

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

In awe of all that strikes my mind,

of thoughts profound and senses sublime,

I can but question the scope of time,

all too quickly does it pass.

When age expands what minds demand,

and understanding rests within our hands,

while paradigms swing but truth now stands,

alone for us to savour.

It seems to me a wasted chance,

when the age of a body prevents our dance,

with mind alert and soul romanced,

to embrace a youthful ascension.

Instead that wisdom of waters passed,

more often dismissed not respected to last,

prevents fulfilment but in age surpass,

what youth can only dream.

Age is a valuable commodity,

for mistakes have honed responsibility,

and perspective is no frivolity,

it is the key to just and viable decisions.

Exuberance and drive are for the young,

but it is age that masters a siren song,

a righteous step to protect the wronged,

and peace attained for all.

In stillness of mind experience lives,

to guide a balance mind, forgive,

and with kindness strive for abundance give,

without dissension or favour shown.

In this a world would transform itself,

where wisdom not struggle would define not sell,

and contention could die and in partnership spell,

a world worth living for.

There is a beauty in age that you won't fully understand until you are old.


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