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Religion and God; are they all one in the same?

Updated on February 8, 2016


I was raised to never speak of two things; Religion and Politics. These two topics are hard to ignore when you are constantly around them. Weather it be via School, Hair salon's, Work etc. People often get angry when they hear other peoples thoughts and opinions on those two subjects, however, its one thing to get upset but another thing to force people to convert.

Let me back up I'm getting way too deep into this subject. So my thoughts are more towards why are there so many religions rather than just believing in God and Jesus. I never understood this concept. Why do we need to have different beliefs with this topic? I get that we have our own opinions and such but we can have different ideas on other subjects. When Jesus died he wasn't thinking of all the different religions and who he'd be most popular with. He really doesn't care about all of that he just wants to save his people from sins.

I can see different beliefs have an affect on peoples motivation to learn about the God above and his son Jesus. It still doesn't make sense to have more than one way of learning how the Lord saved his people. My theory is because it is said that the bible was written way before Jesus's time. If thats the truth and they kept the documents from back then then how did all these other religions come out and why?? How did they form ?? I am standing my ground and agreeing with the Idea that man kind formed all these different religions to satisfy different groups of human beings rather than to continue to keep focus on God and how is son saved his people. Since this is a deeper topic and supposed to be a short article I will stop here and you are more than welcome to post your thoughts and opinions on this topic below.


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