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Don't Forget Captain Mar-Vell

Updated on August 30, 2012

In a time of comic books where heroes return from the dead every six months, there is one who has not. He is known as Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, and Mahr-Vell depending on what story you are reading. Why has this hero not been returned from the grave as many others have? He has been written among heroes as a cherished friend and adventurer. The universe shook during Secret Invasion with his presence and he has not been brought back.

Captain Marvel may not have been the most powerful superhero but he took part in many big story lines. He first showed up on earth as a spy for the Kree so that they could sabotage the space programs of earth. In the Process though Mar-Vell posed as a hero and truly became a champion of the planet. After his decision to turn on the Kree and defend the earth he was left without a home world. He traveled the universe and eventually took up residence on Titan.

He teamed up with almost everyone and was appointed as the protector of the universe by Eon. With his cosmic awareness and nega bands Captain Marvel was a powerful and courageous hero. During a battle with the villain Nitro, Marvel was exposed to a nerve gas that he sealed with his bare hands to protect a nearby town. He eventually died from cancer he developed because of the nerve gas a few years later. On his death bed he was presented with the Skrull medal of Valor and died surrounded by his fellow heroes on Titan.

Why can a hero with so much history and importance not be brought back from the dead? A lot of fans thought he was going to return a few years ago but alas it was not him. He has had minor roles in various stories but has still not returned. Is it because a story to resurrect him is too difficult or because he never had the big sales? Whatever the reason may be I think it is time for his return. A story with Titan science I think would be interesting and explainable just as long as the explanation isn’t magic. Genis-Vell was created from Mar-Vell’s DNA so why can’t he be brought back? If Marvel was brought back I would definitely buy a Marvel title again.

In a time where everything keeps changing and it is dark the heroes need a light to follow. What better light than the star on Captain Marvel’s chest? If another story affecting the universe must happen let it tell the return of Captain Marvel. He deserves a return worthy of the hero that he was and the battles he fought. Everyone else seems to come back in six months but Marvel has been dead for almost twenty nine years. I think it is time for him to truly return.

Warrior, defender, protector, superhero these are all words used to describe Captain Marvel. He helped save the universe numerous times and fought until the end. With so many deaths and reincarnations I patiently wait for his return. Until he does I still have a lot of his adventures that can be re-read again and again.


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    • NicholasA profile image

      NicholasA 5 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you for the kind comment and suggestions. I pick up Captain Marvel issues where I can. Marvel has been one of my favorite characters for a long time. Hopefully we will see him back one day.

    • cperuzzi profile image

      Christopher Peruzzi 5 years ago from Freehold, NJ

      I like where you went with this.

      Mar-Vell was truly one of the better characters that came in the 70's. His evolution from Kree Captain and spy for Yon Rogg to Protector of the Universe is nothing less than awesome. I would recommend more than anything else the Jim Starlin/Al Milgrom run on his title. This was the Thanos storyline and probably the time that defined Mar-Vell the most.

      The other aspect of the character that is rarely talked about is the litigation over the rights for the name and the title. There is a huge following for the C.C. Beck version of the good captain, however that is always brought back to earth as most people call him by the name of the wizard that created him - SHAZAM! The characters are similar as they involve a teen age boy either becoming or trading places with a superhero in times of need.

      In any event, the Marvel version of the character is, in my mind, the best version of the character and, like you, I wish they'd find a way to bring him back.