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Remember Those Blue Eyes

Updated on November 6, 2013

Remember those blue eyes

the softness, the touch of the soul

wise his words, this will pass before to long

time will bring the sweetest life

everything just feels right

you never have to stand alone

love comes once again

the pureness of life

the soul only knows

every dream will come alive

in the star light that glimmers bright.

My hand in yours guiding your tiny feet along

The smile so wide treasuring the beauty

of your heart as they look into your eyes

wise words comforting the soul

these things figure themselves out in time

no need to allow those tiny fingers to get froze.

Open up your heart even in a world that seems so cold

kissing your finger tips they taste so sweet

my love warms you up at night

the feeling so strong when I hug

you tight at night.

Amazing love that knows no boundaries

rising above the tides

rolling with the waves

have faith in your self you're

such a beautiful budding rose.


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