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Reminiscence - A Poem

Updated on July 8, 2017

Sit inside this Bus

With book in my hand

And traffic jam in from of me

I'm not alone

But couldn't help to feel lonely

I miss my bed

I long for shower

I miss my couch

And my baby's chattering words

And I miss you...

My long lost memory

May I sing our song out loud?

May I dream about your singing laugh?

My I held onto your love?

My dear Mom, my first love

Sit inside this Bus

With book in my hand

I remembering my childhood happiness

And sweep away all loneliness

I might be alone,

But never lonely

(Written by request of my dear friend, Ade Sofia. Wish you well, dear ^^)


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  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 11 days ago from Riga, Latvia

    A lovely and most wonderful poetic journey down memory lane. Enjoyed.

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