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Remnant Population Review

Updated on March 13, 2011

Ofelia is a colonist in a failing world, when out of the blue the Company decide to close down her home, and move all the colonists to a new world. Just an ordinary woman she decides to do something extraordinary... to stay.

This book tells the tale of how she hid away from the company, and spent the rest of her life in her home world... truly alone.

But not everything is alright in paradise...

A new company has decided to set up a colony, and Ofelia decides to hide away from them . But she has left the power on in the centre. She has to go back and turn it off. By accident, she turns the radio on to hear them land.

But things don’t go to plan.

Further Plot


Ofelia listens to them as they panic, realising they are not alone. The planet isn’t as empty as she thought. There are aliens. And they are hostile...

They wipe out all the new colonists.

And Ofelia knows that this is not all, she feels in her bones that they are going to find her.

As a tropical storm approaches, she must get indoors and make herself safe... but her peace has been broken. As she prepares for mortal danger, the aliens are coming to find her. And then, in the middle of the storm they do just that.

This is an engaging story, perfect for young adults, full of interest and surprise twists. You always know what you’ll get with Elizabeth Moon. Engaging first contact science fiction isn’t new. But this is a great book, full of fun.

Who is Elizabeth Moon?


 Elizabeth moon is a full time science fiction writer, she joined the US marine corp in 1968, and after serving and reaching lieutenant, she earned degrees in History and Biology, ran for office, and became a columnist in her local paper.

Is this book a good read?


If you aren’t a literary snob, you’ll get a lot of fun out of this book. The characters are engaging, there are regular plot twists, and all in all its great fun. I particularly liked the great pace. It’s worth reading as a bit of fun.

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