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Updated on September 17, 2010

One day in a tavern in ancient Greece a group of warriors argued over which of them was the greatest warrior. The stories were many and the day wore on until nightfall and still the warriors told each other the tales of their many great feats. This continued until late into the night. By this time drink was flowing and the entire tavern was buzzing with conversation but then a large and sullen figure stood up.
His features were dark and he carried many a scar upon his visage. His nose was crooked from where it had been broken and a dark scar split through one of his eyebrows.  He was at least a half a foot taller than all the other men in the tavern and his shoulders as wide as a wine barrel.

As this man rose a silence fell on the crowd for he had not spoken all day and all of the warriors wanted to hear his story. “I am Remus!” His voice seemed to shake the rafters. “I am the son of Hercules himself. I was raised in the wilderness and suckled on the tit of a she wolf.  I am an immortal. You can make me bleed but you can never kill me. 

I once slew and army of 500 men with just a wooden staff. I have faced the entire Persian army with nothing but my sword and shield and they sought terms from me. I have single handedly laid waste entire cities and all of my enemies will die the death of a dog.

I will crush all who oppose me and I will feast on their carcasses. I will grind their bones to powder and remove all traces that they every existed from the face of the earth. If a man opposes me I will not only destroy him but will annihilate his entire family and remove all record that he ever existed.”

At this point the mighty warrior’s voice grew quieter and he bowed his head as he spoke, “But I have been conquered my friends. I met a foe that has ripped the immortal heart from my chest and caused me to bend my knees in defeat. This foe is a thousand times stronger than any foe I have ever faced before. This foe my friends is called love and I am her slave.

Love conquers the unconquerable and makes the strongest men her captive. Love uses no weapons that a shield can defend against. She asks no one to surrender to her but yet thousands flock to her, begging to be her slaves. Love can be a cruel master yet all of her slaves would never choose to be freed from her chains. She has conquered some of the greatest men who have ever walked this dusty land and only a few great warriors have escaped her grasp. I am the most fierce warrior alive and yet I laid down my sword and let her reach into my chest with her white hot fingers and pull my heart from me. I am now her slave and  I do not seek to be free.”

I was in far to the north of Gaul in Caledonia on a mission to slay the last Dragon of the north and there I met a girl who’s hair was red like the rising sun. This girl is the one who stole my heart from me and left me a broken piece of the great man I once was. She stole my heart and then slipped away into the mists like she was naught but a vapor herself.

I sought her for months on end and never found a trace of her again. It is rumored that she is a spirit that lives in the misty lands near the Dragon’s lair. The local men say that she lures in men with her beauty and then feeds them to this beast of the north.

I warn you my friends that only the love of a woman can conquer a man in such a way.  I gave up my quest to find this dragon and did not collect the high price that the local people were offering to pay and I returned here to recover from these wounds that I have suffered but I can not heal, for this woman haunts my dreams.


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    • profile image

      Jeana 7 years ago

      Wow... Not at all what I expected and I am so very thankful for that. What an incredible truth, what love can do to a person. How it can render a person helpless ...

      Incredible. Really.