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Requiem For McViegh....and those who witnessed his execution.

Updated on March 13, 2011















Requiem for McViegh..

(a poem for those who

witnessed his execution.)

When they saw

his wicked eyes

of hate begin to close

upon the camera's

closed to circuits
for all...... but those

who suffered most
I'm sure some

whispered, "Burn In Hell."
as they remembered tiny eyes
that held just innocence...

now rendered
into memories

by the blast
"Collateral damage!"

he once called them
tots he used

to fuel his cause
sweet young babies

he made into kindling
When they saw

his foul mouth gasp
and caught his

final, putrid breath
as the demons

gripped his soul
and pulled him

from life's blessed state
they thought of all

the gasps that echoed
from the mouths

of many spouses
who discovered

that their loved one
had just been

hammered into rubble
from a bomb

made out of fertilizer
so many lives

reduced to shit
at the hands of

this sick maggot
who found his

glory in thier exits
he played God..and

now God will judge him
to endless pain...

eternal flame!!
~ ^ ~ `-----|==

When they watched

his death injected
with triple poisons

dripping steady
I'm sure some

hoped that

every drop
burned in his

useless viens

like acid
as his soul writhed

on that platform
one hundred-sixty-

eight long seconds
till he arrived at

last in torment
to that place of

gnashing teeth
for he truly i

s the reason
that God created

such a prison
to hold all dregs

beyond redemption
to punish them

for all the sorrows
they dared inflict

upon his children.

Hell's rooms

hold men like Hitler...Dahmer
Bundy, Gacy and now Tim
the walls will echo

with the screaming
like they heard

in Oklahoma
by one new tenant...

Tim McViegh
the world grew

brighter on the day
his worthless

life it slunk away!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III
\ /



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