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Residual Heartache

Updated on February 25, 2016

Due to heartaches of the past
I was terrified to open my heart I harden
To allow my walls to crumble
To bare my body and soul once again

Hurting is something familiar
The raw feeling of being stabbed
Not physically but emotionally
All sense of happiness being robbed

Such loss I have been through
The pain I have nursed
The wound that has closed
The tragedy so worse

I have given everything of myself
Just for it to go wasted down the drain
I've invested too much, it wasn't enough
It literally has driven me insane


Putting back the pieces was a struggle
Loving too much left me broken
It took me more than a year to move on
For me to finally awaken

Now, it seems to be a dream
Yes, it was still crystal clear
But time has really healed me
But it did not take away that fear

My fragile heart is now strong
My tears would not roll down anymore
Fearing a repeat of history
I have decided not to love like before



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