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Changing No To Yes

Updated on July 14, 2013

You Are The One Who Makes It Happen

Finding myself each day

Putting all my efforts out there

Seeking positive results through practice and repetition

Feeling the urge to push beyond where I previously stopped

Taking in each good emotion and riding it like a wave

It starts small and as the wave grows in seconds

With no notice the wave has reached it's high point

Then we watch as the wave crashes with all it's power

Against the peaceful shore

We have to learn to enjoy the good thoughts we think of every day

Welcome them in every way

Let them expand to their most beautiful potential

As they rise beyond anything we could of imagined

Then they diminish until they disappear out of sight

Now it is time to find a new wave or a new positive idea to carry us on

Look around you

Find one that suits you best

Remember how sharp you looked all dressed up

The way your body was accented in all the right places

Tailor each thought to your special needs

They have one purpose in life

That is to please

Feel the feeling so deep inside

You never get tired of feeling so important

These are not just words but a way of life

Watch as your dreams go off into the wilderness

Into the wild unkown

Seeking adventure,mystery and love

Returning with all the above

So this day is not just another day

But the best day you have ever lived

May love, peace and happiness always follow


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