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Respect All Irrespective of their obvious outlook - A True Short Story about Hazrat Zunoon Misri, a Prominent Muslim sai

Updated on April 9, 2015

Respect All

The passenger entered the ship and silently seated besides the Captain in a corner, as per directions. His dress and obvious appearance was whispering his inferiority so far as his financial credibility is concerned. Most of the passengers detested this move of the Captain, but could not explicitly oppose, as Captain was the final authority to run all the affairs of the ship. The only reason behind their disliking the passenger was his deteriorated condition. Nonetheless, the Captain again rang the bell, indicating the departure.

The ship was slowly moving towards its destination. Time was passing gradually. All of sudden the silence was broken by an uproar of a passenger. He started shouting “I lost my precious gem, which was rear of its kind and worth in millions. I am looted.”

This sudden hue and cry caught the attention of all the passengers and they tried their best to locate the lost gem. Every inch of the ship was checked but of no avail. Then abruptly, a person exclaimed with unusual violence “The gem is not lost but stolen and it is beyond any stretch of doubt that it is done by this inferior repulsive man”. He continued his statement “I earlier too resisted his entry in the ship but nobody gave any attention. “Now face the consequences”.

Shortly, there was a consensus that this poor fellow is a thief who stolen the precious diamond. The passengers now started torturing and beating him ruthlessly and brutally, warning him to return the stolen object and apologize for this crime. They were threatening him of dire consequences. “Return the gem or face the consequences”. The other passengers said “We will beat you till death, or return the gem”.

In this situation, the poor fellow looked towards the sky and prayed “Oh Lord! You are all knowing, Who know truth of all things in the universe. Only you know what is in the hearts. You know that I have not stolen anything. It is only You Who can prove my innocence.”

As soon as this beloved of Almighty uttered those words, passengers astonished to see that there was rush of fish around the ship and mouths of all the fish were out of water. The surprise of the passengers was at its peek when they saw that all the fish were carrying a gem in their mouth. Shape of all the gems was same and identical to the gem, for which this simple man was held responsible. The inferior looking man bent down, picked a gem and handed over to the passenger who lost the gem. But now all the situation in the ship had changed altogether. All the passengers apologized for their ill-treatment to this beloved of Almighty. Now, all had great respect for this human which was obviously looking just a common poor fellow but indeed was a fried of Almighty (Wali Allah). The name of this great man was Zun-noon and this saint is known in the history of Islam as Hazrat Zunoon Misri (Rahmat Ullah Alaih).

Sometime, we take others inferior just for the reason that they are not in good dress. However, in Islam worthiness of a person only depends on his deeds. It is the responsibility of all of us to respect every individual irrespective of its obvious outlook.

Who knows that the person, who is inferior to your may has a great ranks in the sight of Almighty and any words uttered by you may make him annoyed and annoyance of such person is indeed the annoyance of Almighty.


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