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Respected Father

Updated on February 19, 2013

My Father’s Love

My father’s love was all l had,

It’s all until now, stored in my heart,

He was there when l was ill I bed,

He was there, when books were to be read,

My father he was gentle and kind,

Not another men like my father, l will ever find,

Not one unkind word was ever said,

And up to our heavenly God he prayed.

Why did my father love me so?

My childhood without my father l grew,

Why did it hurt my heart so,

When my father had to leave and go.

Sometime l lay sick in bed,

My fate, my life is not read,

I respect my father for putting me

On the right path

He taught me to be honest, truthful

And to pray.

Sometime the greyest of the grey

Clouds had doomed on me,

Praying had got me through it all.


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