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Rest in knowing

Updated on January 23, 2017

Amen :)


Happy 2017 !!!!

Hi There! First I would like to wish you dear reader, a Happy blessed prosperous New Year!! I was thinking what I should write about ......??? Anyway, since you may have started the New year with new hopes and dreams, I do not have any intention to spoil it with negativity or sad poems or stories ... However, my mind is full of thoughts and ideas, I just thought of sharing them, in case you have some insight that you would like to share with me :)

Besides, writing is something I missed doing... :)


Thank God for interesting creative people :)

I love to watch Veggietales :) I'll be hitting my 'Super Thirties' this year, a beginning of a New Season, yet I love watching cartoons and Animated movies :)

This movie reminded me of some childhood memories as well as why I started doing what I have been doing :)

I was asked to write a CV for which I did a lot of thinking and found out I have not done a lot of things but I have done some things as into help someone in need. To help someone in need I have learnt new things. Added to that I was enjoying some of the facebook quizzes which are entertaining, encouraging and funny. Also made me think a lot. So these thoughts led me into one thing after another :)

Most of the activities that I have done are because of certain people asked me to do so and I found it quite hard to say 'No'. In the end, I have learnt something new and interesting, except for poetry writing and crochet.

One of my friends asked me why I quit Singing in the Worship Team last year. According to her I was spiraling down from things. Yes in a certain way, but I didn't have a choice. I was practically sick and tired of hearing the same thing in our church. At least now I can rest in knowing the reason :)

Now come to think of it, the reason is quite hilarious. So, there's this opinion that goes in our church, that those who want to sing in the worship team, to be a worship leader is in want of performing not of praising God. I don't really understand how one could judge that?? I even asked the Senior Pastor about it last year for which he didn't think of answering. I thought God gives the desires of your heart. I love to sing and worship God but it is not my desire to lead worship.

The other hilarious thing that goes around in the church is that those who sing out has gone into the world and quite worldly , not allowed to worship lead as singing outside is worldly. I was wondering if that's the case, then how come one is allowed to lead in worship when one is singing in a choir that sings worldly songs which are arranged in different music yet still given to lead worship. Now I know the reason :) The church leaders consider that their children are singing to God when they lead worship even if they are in 'choirs' outside the church where there is worldly music, but when other children who uses God given talent wanted to do so , it is considered performing. It's hilarious.

Its funny I don't know why I see church leaders and elders like this

I thought singing is making another person happy. It's funny, when there are singers come to Sri Lanka, most of the christians buy expensive tickets for the shows to watch their shows and yet consider worldly when someone uses their God given talent.

Yes, my little sister wanted to be a worship leader in our church worship team, even though we requested she was not given even before she joined singing outside. I suppose God has a different plan for her life, so He opened a door for her to sing outside for charity events and make some pocket money for her while she's studying in her University. It's quite nice to know that she had found some leaders those that encourage her God given talents and wants her to be part of their worship team :)



I rest in knowing that God has a plan for my little sister

To sing song of love is her heart's desire

Maybe not as what others may expect her to be

It's much more better than what I or anyone else imagined to be.

I rest in knowing that God is just and good

He sees the heart not the appearance of The Good

He make me meet so many people so I would learn

When He unmask the true intentions of the ones I admire.

I even told my mother I think I need to change the people I worship with

At least for sometime, since I may lose the respect that I showed them with

Alas! Cannot do, I have to complete another year studying the Word

Can't wait till it gets over so I could be free, Free like a Bird :)

I suppose they won't be mean and nasty like last year when I asked questions

When I know surely would read my article and this poem with my thoughts

But then again, Hey! That's me, who is direct and straight to the point

Unlike those who send others to find out things that are in my mind.

Do you think if I change my Glasses then I might see the mentalities and attitudes differently?

I rest in knowing that God has a plan for me

In case I'm not allowed to take part in the Bible School for the studies

Or saying that there are no teachers who are willing to do the studies.

I rest in knowing that the talents and the desires that He had given me

It is to please Him and not the others who may want me to be

I rest in knowing that He loves me and is always with me

No matter what, I rest in knowing that He cares for me :)



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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I love the opening quote, and I do believe there is greatness in everyone. I hope those who don't believe that somehow find the way to unleash the power that is within them.

      Sending blessings to you in 2017

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 4 months ago from Dubai

      Wishing you a happy, and a prosperous New Year. God loves and cares for us, and yes he has a plan, and everything will be okay if we hold God's hand and keep going. People will talk not matter what, I have learned to turn a deaf ear to such people.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 3 months ago

      Thank you Sir Billy :) yes I hope so too :)

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 3 months ago

      Thank you Nithya :) A wise decision :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 months ago

      Each of us has unique talents and gifts. Finding them and using them to bring joy to others and reflect God's image is priceless, regardless of what others think.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 3 months ago

      Yes thanks Dianna :) God bless you!!

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