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Updated on March 15, 2011



They were the first

to discover it,

a sun dial in Paradise park,

that could reverse time,

simply by touching

its shadowed mark.


At ninety-years plus,

they were curious about

how much time they had left,

when suddenly,

as they touched

that magical sun tracker,

they were filled with an

incredibly exuberant energy,

and found themselves standing

on tippy-toes just to reach the top.

Their unwrinkled hands

and gazes of astonishment

revealed that they

 were toddlers again,

just about four years old.


They danced around

that pedestal like puppies

in a frenzy at feeding time,

and the last I heard they were

swinging high in the air,

at the park's playground,

tilting their tousled blond heads

back to make butterflies in their tummies,

and squealing with

the sheer delight of starting over.


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