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Resurrection Hill and the Creatures of the Night (Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter Volume 3) Chapter 2

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 2

Copyright 2014

Alfonzo's wounded body lied on the ground while blood oozed from the wound on his neck. Marie ran to Alfonzo screaming in a panic and I was not far behind her.

Marie kneeled down by Alfonzo's wounded body and screamed in anger,

“Alfonzo!, are you okay? Are you alive?”

Sadly enough Alfonzo did not reply. The young man just lied on the ground in silence as the death clock tic tocked his last remaining mortal minuets. It would not be long until the vampire's curse would set in.

Marie picked up Alfonzo's head and placed into her lap as his life force was fading very quickly. Looking into his eyes she said,

“Please don't leave me, Please do not die! I love you Alfonzo I need you!”

I ran to Alfonzo's aid just as fast as I could, I knew if there was any chance I could save Alfonzo it was a small chance, but I decided I needed to try to if I could then and only then Lola's death was not a dishonorable death. If her death taught me how to save someone else, then her death was an honorable death, with reason, but if Alfonzo's could not be saved then I would need to burn Alfonzo's vessel sending another supernatural monster to hell.

I approached Alfonzo taking his pulse and then I directed my attention towards Marie and I shook my head back and forth and said,

“It does not look good!”

Marie looked at me and she asked,

“What does that mean? Is there anything I can do! I will donate my own blood, I will do anything to save him!”

I looked at Marie and I felt her pain. I still remembered the night Lola died in my arms, the night my life changed forever, the night I became a Supernatural Hunter and I met my good friend the Angelic Seth. If only Seth were her now, I could not help but wonder why there wasn't an Angel around when you needed one.

As I looked at Marie I put on a grin and I said these words to her,

“Hold onto that thought, you might just need to sell your soul to save his. You might need to make a deal with a demon to save Alfonzo's life.”

Apparently Marie must of thought I was kidding or she was desperate enough to do so because she agreed to do so. I was surprised and could not believe what I heard. I don't think she knew just how serious her agreement was, demons from deep within hell would not take her thoughts lightly and would make a deal.

I took my shirt off and tore a section off and wrapped it around his neck. Marie asked what I was doing and I replied,

“I'm was making a bandage for Alfonzo's wound.”

As I wrapped Alfonzo's wound Dominic and Sylvia comforted Marie.

After the bandage was in place I picked up Alfonzo's wounded body that was dying fast and I began to walk step by step, foot by foot, inch by inch.

Marie beckoned me,

“Where are you going Lonewolf? What are you doing?”

I stopped for just one moment and I said with out looking back,

“I am taking Alfonzo to my house and I will attempt to save his life, but there are no guarantees. He may live or he may die, but what ever Alfonzo's fate is I will try to save his life!”

Marie was pleased with my kindness and attempt to help in their darkest hour in Alfonzo's hour of need. I continued to walk to the North-west while Marie, Sylvia and Dominic followed me.

In about thirty minuets we reached my home. I opened my old half rusted gate. The gate that was eight feet tall made a creepy creaking sound ((Cree-eek!)) Marie and Sylvia followed while Dominic closed the gate which once again creaked ((Cree-eek!))

Walking through the midnight fog and the winds of terror that blew hard on this night, the winds made a howling sound ((Howwwl!)) the sounds of the wind made me wonder if the sounds were from the wind blowing in the trees or was it the sounds of ghosts crying in the night.

I walked through the thick blanket of fog that hovered across the land and listened to the black crows chitter chatter in the midst ((Caw, caw, caw!)) and I seen black bats flapping their wings ((Flap, flap, flap!)) high above my mansion.

but I did not notice the Angel of death that stood high on a mountain top in the woods. The Angel of Death just stood there in the trees just waiting to collect a soul. The Angel of Death was determined to collect either Alfonzo's soul or Marie's soul should she sign a contract with a demon.

The red eyes of the Angel of Death glowed red with haunting brilliance. If anyone would have noticed it with their own eyes they would have probably crapped their pants, it was a creepy sight on this unholy night.

Off in the distance spirits hid behind the trees trying to not be noticed by the Angel of Death who would surely take them to purgatory.

The Angel of Death had a book full of names that were in need of collecting and the dark angel was determined to collect each and everyone of them especially Lola's spirit.

I approached my mansion also known as Lonewolf Manor and as usual my black cat named Boo was sitting on the porch waiting for my return. Boo jumped up on the banister and meowed ((Meow, meow!))

Marie noticed the mansion made of gray-stone and looked at its size with amazement. Marie found Lonewolf Manor to be extremely creepy.

The old Victorian Mansion was a huge monstrosity with tall red doors and a purple porch light that lit the entrance. Black bars protected the windows from unwanted intruders.

Marie could not help but think my home was relevant of Castle Dracula. Suddenly Marie began to wonder if she wanted to even enter my home.

Sylvia approached Marie and questioned her trust in me and Marie's thoughts about entering the huge monstrosity that was Lonewolf Manor,

“Do you think its safe Marie?”

Sylvia asked and Marie shrugged her shoulders and said,

“I really don't know Sylvia, but what choice do I have Alfonzo's life is in Lonewolf's hands.”

Sylvia understood Marie's point of view, but found herself not feeling any better about the situation.

Dominic butted in and offered his two cents,

“Don't worry ladies I will protect you. I will make sure you are safe.”

Dominic had no fear and made it perfectly clear.

I walked up the stairs made that were made of concrete. The stairs led to the entrance of Lonewolf Manor. I opened the huge red doors that creaked just like the gate that was the entrance to my property ((Creek.))

I stepped inside and and walked step by step, foot by foot, inch by inch across the foyer into the drawing room and then into the east wing that led down a long hallway to my laboratory.

Before I left the drawing room I told Marie, Sylvia and Dominic to make themselves at home that they were my guests along with a friend of mine named Seth.

I left out the part that Seth was an angel from the Kingdom of Salvation. That would be a little hard to explain at this time. That information would wait until they needed to know, if they ever needed to know I was a Supernatural Hunter.

I continued to hope that information would never need to be revealed. Dominic questioned me about the Laboratory and I just said I work with medicine that I am the doctor amongst other things in Resurrection Hill and I just wanted to keep things plain and simple, I wanted to prevent any drama or panic.

Once I entered the Laboratory I placed Alfonzo on the patients bed in the center of the room. With my right hand I turned on the oxygen and placed the oxygen mask upon Alfonzo's face and then hooked Alfonzo up to life support.

Only time would tell if Alfonzo would survive or not. I returned to the drawing room and I welcomed my new guests with a tour of my home. First we entered the Foyer where there was a huge staircase that led to the second floor of my mansion. Once we reached the second floor there were two directions one could go the east wing and the west wing. I decided to take my guests into the east wing where I would appoint them with their very own Bedrooms.

The east wing was a long hallway that was lit with sconces. The sconces shined light upon the red carpet and the red curtains that flowed in the wind. The breeze that entered the east wing was cool and sent a chill through my body.

Marie and Sylvia also felt a chill and goosebumps formed on their arms, but some how I don't think the goose bumps on their arms was from the the midnight breeze. I got the feeling that Sylvia and Marie found my home to be creepy with a almost haunting sensation and I must admit I wouldn't blame them for feeling that way because Lola's ghost also resides here and that was something else I kept to myself.


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