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Just Remember; One man's Sunset is another man's Dawn.

Updated on December 7, 2010

From the plane

"Just Remember kid, one man's sunset is another man's dawn."

I've been through so much this past year.  It hardly seems like I could have fit so much within such little time, but it happened.  I feel like I've learned a lot about myself, and grew a bit.  I did not grow UP.  I refuse to grow up.  But I did grow out.  I opened my mind a little wider, reveled in the different rhythms and harmonies of life.  I'm ready to make the best of everything.  Ready to go back to the old Larael of my time, years ago, when magic permeated through, into, and around everything.  
This past year I've seen two of my favorite bands play live.  Been front and center in the swarm of the pit, singing my heart out with them, tears coming to my eyes.  I've seen new places, I've seen new faces.  I've spun about in rain, I've dealt with loss.  I've been sympathetic, empathetic, and engrossed in emotion.  I've been sad, sorrowful, hyper.  Ive seen movies that made me cry, made me relive my own favorite memories.  I've been jealous, I've been lost.  I've been angry, upset, ditched.  I've ditched people who may or may not have deserved it.  I've been lied to, I have lied.  I've felt proud, lucky, loved, appreciated, grateful.  I've learned things from books, from people, from lyrics, from films, and from experience.  I've lost self-esteem, I've gained confidence.  I've given advice, and I've listened attentively to my wiser friends advise me.  I've considered quitting, I've resolved to never let go; never give up.  I've enjoyed new conversations with new friends.  I've relived moments, laughed at old memories, and accepted the future will bring all of the above and more.  LIFE.  Cause.  Beginnings.  A journey I've only just breathed into existence.  Ink on paper.  Experiences.  New.  Learn.  Be open.

Bring on Everything.  Bring on Everything Else.  I want to see it all.  No exceptions.  

--Laura Larael*

Wonderful Movie


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    • profile image

      soulspeech 7 years ago from unknown

      I feel all of us come to terms with life at some point. There is too much to do to be slothful or dependent. You are living the life of fruitful thought and that i feel is the the essence of true liberty. We must accept who we are. Remember our tongues. And remember to serve each other.only God knows the true intent of a mans heart. Thank you for allowing this exchange. i have learned much.

    • starflakes profile image

      starflakes 7 years ago from Florida

      excellent writing C~

    • profile image

      Morgan Hodge 7 years ago

      never saw this movie, now i want to. I agree with everything you said. Your outlook on life is inspirational i'm proud to call you my friend and will be for life :-)