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Retro Reading: A Thousand and One Night Stands by H.A. Carson

Updated on September 23, 2014
Jon Vincent
Jon Vincent

Jeffrey James Vickers almost had it all. He could have been a baseball star with the Kansas City Royals. In fact he could have been anything but he blew it.

Vickers, better known as porn star Jon Vincent, gives us an insight to his life in the book,
A Thousand and One Night Stands by H.A. Carson. Maybe critics hated the book due to its depressing theme, but this is probably one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's honest and once you start reading it very hard to put down.

Vincent was a big top in the gay porn business with his muscular physique and his raunchy dirty talk, which brought a new dimension to the genre. His wife knew of his career and it didn't seem to bother her as long as he wasn't sleeping with other women.

While Vincent primarily appeared in gay movies he did appear in a few bisexual features but always had a problem performing in either type of movie since he favored drugs over anything.

Throughout the book, he tries to get clean and lead a straight life but the drugs always called him. He warns the reader on many occasions to skip the drugs as he talks about detoxing, only to wind up back on the street trying to score his next hit. His story is literally the original Boogie Nights as he goes from porn star to exotic dancer to hustler. All in the name of drugs.

Writing the book must have been a way to get rid of personal demons as he talks into a tape recorder revealing the pain he felt throughout his life. He talks about the "glamorous world of gay porn" to the seedier side of performing in strip clubs for a few dollars to help his habit, running from the law, eventual arrests and life on the various sets.

Along the way he tells stories of other "gay for pay" porn stars and who he could trust in his life.

From a sexually abusive beginning to a tragic death of a heroin overdose at the age of 37, this is one book which will haunt you after you've finished the last page.


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