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Retro Reading: Avalanche by Robert Weverka

Updated on November 7, 2014
Back cover of the book Avalanche
Back cover of the book Avalanche

Remember all of the disaster movies from the '70's? One forgotten gem starred Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow called Avalanche and this is book is a true movie-tie-in.

The plot is simple (like most disaster movies from that bygone era). David Shelby is patting himself on the back with his resort, Ski Haven in the Colorado Rockies. He's invited everyone to his first annual winter games and its a guaranteed fun filled weekend.

Of course, he has an ulterior motive by inviting his ex-wife Caroline to the festivities. He wants her back.

Shelby is also trying to cover up some shady business dealings as well and because of his greed, a small plane crashes into the mountain side causing the avalanche. It's the ultimate man vs. nature theme as hundreds are dead or wounded in this winter wonderland for the wealthy.

If you're familiar with the movie, then you know the story. There aren't many surprises to the book and while it's been a few months since I watched the movie, I could clearly recall it in my mind since it seems to be based on the screenplay.

So, if summer gets too hot for you, head on over to your favorite used bookstore and if they have a copy buy it. It'll cool you down, plus if you're lucky try to find the movie. Hey, it's not one of the best movies but it'll keep you entertained!


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