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Retro Reading: Hollywood Divorces by Jackie Collins

Updated on November 12, 2019

Finally, my tour of Hollywood is over!

I have to say that I didn't know there were so many Jackie Collins "Hollywood" stories and while kind of hokey at times, it has been fun reading about the "fictional" celebrities that she wrote about. While the novels were out of date at the time of printing, they do provide a great time capsule.

Since divorce is an ending, Collins seems to have chosen the series to end on a pretty high note. Everything is tight and there aren't a lot of characters that you need to keep up with.

It centers around three major characters: Shelby Cheney, Lola Sanchez and Cat Harrison (from oldest to youngest). Shelby and Lola are the novels top actresses and Cat is an up and coming writer/director.

As the story begins, everyone is at Cannes for the premiere of Shelby's movie Rapture. Rumor has it that it's a phenomenal movie and everyone can't wait to see it. Well, Shelby's husband, fading action star, Linc Blackwood, isn't too happy about seeing his wife bare all on screen.

Lola, along with her former tennis pro husband, Matt Seel, is there with the hope of trying to get Linc to star with her in her upcoming romantic comedy. She has a plan though and that's to destroy his life, much like he had destroyed hers years earlier. Only this time she has the upper hand and he doesn't know who she is, but falls for her once they meet.

The only reason Cat's at the premiere is she's seeking financing for her new movie from Merrill Zandack and she's not going to do what others have done before her. At nineteen, she's had a wild child past, thanks to famous parents who live on two different continents and her first movie became a cult hit. She's also been married to Australian rocker, Jump Jagger.

Once everyone has met one another in Cannes, the stories go their separate way and eventually all are entwined. Cat isn't happy with Shelby being cast in her movie, but the two eventually become close friends and while Linc is in New York filming with Lola, she gets rid of Matt (because he's boring) and reconnects with her soulmate, Tony Alvarez, a powerful director. Along the way, her plan at getting back at Linc backfires in more than one way.

The focus here stays completely on the three women and unlike characters from the past Hollywood books, they're not running off to lunch and there aren't six hundred minor characters that pop up, have a story line of a sentence and disappear. These are all very tight characters and each of the characters have a solid story line to boot.

This is pretty much a really fast read once they leave Cannes and begin their own story. I was surprised just how fast everything went, even though there's no big event going on.

My only complaint was forgetting that Cat was just nineteen. She's able to get away with a lot of things and I don't know how she had gotten away with being able to play blackjack in Las Vegas (when I was twenty two, I had a hard time getting into casinos in Atlantic City for the day).

If Collins were still alive, I wonder if she would have continued cranking out the Hollywood line. They're fun, sleazy and very hard to put down!


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