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Retro Reading: Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins

Updated on May 6, 2019

After you read about the adults in Hollywood, it's time to read about the privileged Hollywood brats and these "kids" aren't your normal mud pie making darlings.

As a serial killer sets sights his eyes on Hollywood, we start this installment with what is known as the Hollywood Five. Five of the town's most spoiled brats as they party at the exclusive club, Homebase Central, owned by movie star Charlie Dollar.

Jordanna Levitt lives in the guesthouse of her famous producer father Jordan (and his very young wife Kim) and kind of runs the group. She's not afraid to speak her mind and after she's thrown out of the guesthouse, she moves among her friends crashing on their couch. The one friend that she doesn't want to stay is with her friend, Cheryl Landers.

Cheryl recently came into the possession of Hollywood's "black book" while a friend of hers travels to Europe with her boyfriend. She becomes fascinated with her new role as the Hollywood Madam, and recruits their other friend, Grant Lennon, Jr. to "break in the girls," which he loves to without hesitation.

In his "previous" life, Grant was an agent, but finds that working with Cheryl is the ultimate dream job. He gets to have sex all the time even if it's breaking Cheryl's heart (she's had a big crush on him but has never acted on it). Right now, Cheryl's too focused on the amount of money that she can make as a madam.

Since no one wants to put up with Jordanna, she finds her way to Charlie Dollar's house and ends up becoming his lover while living off of him. He gets her a job with up and coming actor/producer Bobby Rush (the son of fading actor Jerry Rush) and while she's not too happy about working as his personal assistant, she does start to like it and realizes that she does have a purpose in life after all.

Writer Kennedy Chase stumbles across the murders for a piece that she's working on and discovers that all of the victims have something in common. A widow, she meets New York detective Michael Scorsinni, who's recently moved to Los Angeles to find his daughter and ex-wife.

Collins has once again created one of those novels that slowly creeps up on you while reading and before you know it, you're hooked. Everything else around you can be put off until you've read the last sentence, but, you'll definitely want more.

Published in 1994 (Hollywood Husbands was published in 1986) this again is another dated book, since Collins repeatedly bring up AIDS and the use of condoms whenever her characters have sex. It's a great message about the times that we were living in and how people would demand written proof when it came to having sex. Looking back, it does seem kind of silly, but those were the times.

While the previous books basically have the same story, this one is a little bit sexier and a little more risque.

It's a good read and again, hard to put down.


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