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Retro Reading: Road Trip by Eric Morse

Updated on November 6, 2014
Always follow a map or else
Always follow a map or else

Who Will Survive after The Big Game?

In the fourth installment of the Camp Crystal Lake novels Road Trip, author Eric Morse's story could almost be set in today's mixed up world as one of the characters is bullied.

After a big football game, a van load of cheerleaders and players along with team mascot Teddy Bateman, are heading home in the pouring rain when they get lost and hit a tree in the wilderness. The coach leaves in search of help.

While waiting they decide to seek shelter at the camp which of course is a big mistake. Since Teddy has been bullied all of his life, he goes back to the van hoping that he can do something to help them out. At the van, he sees something in the tree and when he reaches for it, the tree bites down on his arm but he's able to get the mask.

He puts the mask on and becomes the latest victim of the curse. His scrawny body fills out bigger than the football players and now he's out for blood and revenge. Off to camp he goes.

I thought this installment was a little weak. The reason being Morse used the same tricks as the films with the characters being shallow and the plot was too typical. There's a sub plot which happens at the camp before the kids arrive and I think if Morse had used that plot the book would have been a little more interesting.

Although the storyline was weak, it does connect with the third installment by keeping the wreckage of the carnival intact. I was really surprised that it was mentioned.

There seems to be a bigger demand for this installment than the others and unfortunately, the ending doesn't have enough closure.


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