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Retro Reading: You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again by Robin, Liza, Linda and Tiffany as told to Joanne Parrent

Updated on November 7, 2014
The book Hollywood feared in 1996
The book Hollywood feared in 1996

Celebrity Sexcapades and Other Hollywood Dirt

Who doesn't love celebrity gossip? In our own daily lives the lifestyles of the privileged somehow let us get through our boring existence.

But how much truth is there to the rumors? It's always hard to tell since tales are spun all the time and when it comes to celebrity gossip, just how much can be considered urban legend? After all, their publicists get paid top dollar to keep everything hush hush.

For the four authors of You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again they share their stories of sexual encounters with the rich and famous. The only thing is these girls were paid to have sex with them.

They didn't set out to become escorts but things happen.

Robin and Liza are sisters who came from a Hollywood background. Robin admits to being an escort for a very short time and wasn't into the life as much as her sister.

Each of their stories are fascinating to read and they do name names. Originally, I read this about a decade ago and came across a "newer" release with expanded "dirt." Since its been awhile since I read it, I couldn't tell you what the new dirt is, but I vaguely remembered their stories.

Released in 1996, this is still a compelling read and two other tell all's were released due to the success of this book. I need to track those copies down for more celebrity dirt!


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