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Return to Brigadoon

Updated on September 20, 2018

When I hear the rooster crow, to see the morning sun,

My heart races back to old Scotland's shore, of its fun.

I see in my own mind's eye then, all beloved highlands,

Where many a Scottish lad has worked, used his hands.

Rocky fields demanding their time, of a devotion to last,

Before any seeds were planted, stones there to be cast.

Was putting many fine blisters on those who were to toil,

Blessed events to come, as first green sprouts of the soil.

Dearest Brigadoon, where my heart remains to this day,

The cooling air, clover fields so fair, where lambs all play.

There, many hearty people, made stronger by their wills,

Never any tasks to shy away from, in towns, all the fields.

When the day's job is complete, comes a visit to the pub,

Dinning upon fine Bangers and Mash, all best of any grub.

Swapping tales of days gone by, and telling a joke, or two,

Never does a day, nor night go by, without fun things to do.

Each Scott, lads and lassies, to pipes all love to sing and dance,

As by a full moon, both to swoon, out in the night, for a romance.

Danny boy's in heaven right here, as the bagpipes all still do play,

Dear Brigadoon to see friends soon, for it's here they love to stay.

The lochs are full, as the mists still rises, over the moors, so wide,

No finer place in the world could be, than the Scottish countryside.

Though Brigadoon may be of make-believe, to us, real, in the end,

Represents the heart and soul of dearest Scotland, to comprehend.

So pass the cup of good rum, my lads and lassies, all do drink it well,

For grandest Brigadoon will live forever, in our memories, for all to tell.

As over the low-lying moors, the rolling mountain tops, love does grow,

This marvelous place all shall embrace, is for the whole world to know.

The rain falls in its small soft mists, over hills, those glens, down below,

Such is that case, my own tears to do, as this fine story for all to show.

I shall miss my dear old Brigadoon, though in my memories will remain,

Letting go of thoughts as they ramble along, as on its tracks by a train.


all rights reserved and protected under copyright laws 2018



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