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Reunited A poetic reunion

Updated on August 20, 2014


On passionate purple pond,
lived Primrose Petula Park,
Renowned for her pronunciation,
as well as her love of the dark.

One evening erring errands,
eradicating pain,
Ermintrude Edmilson,
came into her life again.

Had been many years since primrose
had thoughts about her friend,
truth was,
that day they parted!
both thought it was the end.

A fire,
kindled briefly,
when both their teenage years,
Quenched quietly each evening,
would lead to naught but tears.

Caught holding of each other
by the mistress of the day,
both scolded,
scarred and beaten,
with Ermintrude sent away.

resurgent feelings re ignite,
Primrose petula park
now a friend again of light.


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