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Revelations And Realizations.

Updated on January 11, 2010


Revelations And Realizations. (Verses 1 to 11)



1. Darting past the waiting horde
  I found God and begged him heal
the awful breach of peace below.

2. Two hefty angels swept me up
and carried me to the place,
I'd held in line with all the rest,

3. As babies died in car bomb blasts,
and young troops fell on foreign sands,
while toddlers starved in Darfur damned,
and souls fell to machetes.

4. And when at last
I reached his throne,
my tongue fell dumb,
his eyes told all,
filled up with tears,
I saw his grief,
in magnitudes
beyond all years.

5. He gave me peace
and healed my pain,
then granted heavenly rest.

6. And it was then I understood
that only those still living,
hold the right to change the sorrows.

7. God does convict, but never interferes
with mankinds follies,
there was one time he made a flood,
that wiped out all the earth,
and left a handful to rebuild,
but still they turned to hate.

8. And I saw no one ever known,
in the millions all around me,
that instigated racial hate,
or led men into war,
for greed or lust of power,
standing there on heaven's shore.

9. No dictators or Klu Klux Klan,
no suicidal bombers,
just gentle people who had tried,
throughout thier lives to be,
as humane as is possible,
and it was plain to see.

10. That we will not find peace on earth,
where evil men abound,
God seperates us at the end,
and sends the wicked down,
to face the world they worshipped,
where they'll wallow in the mire,
of all the grief their lives begat,
consumed in endless fire.

11. Justice comes to those who dream
of love and peace someday,
upon their death, at their last breath,
their pain is swept away.







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