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Review: Crossing the Line...the poetry of Tony DeLorger

Updated on May 30, 2014
The Book Cover from Tony DeLorger
The Book Cover from Tony DeLorger

Review: Crossing The Line..the poetry of Tony DeLorger.

In reviewing one's own work, there cannot be an amassing of superlatives, self praise or any kind of self promotion other than the explanation of the work. I'll leave judgement up to the reader, where it should be. In that, this review is more about giving the reader an understanding of the author and the work, how it's presented and what it contains as subject matter.

Firstly, the book, published by ARD Press in Adelaide Australia, is a 660 page book of poetry, written over a period of two years. Having completed this amount of work, there was some decisions to be made relating to what that work contained and how it should be laid out for the reader.

Tuscany from Castello Di Monteriggioni from Tony DeLorger
Tuscany from Castello Di Monteriggioni from Tony DeLorger

As a writer and poet, I like to write in diverse genres, if nothing more than to challenge myself and keep my skills honed. I have written twelve previous books including two of poetry, one historical based fiction novel, a fantasy trilogy, an occult thriller, general fiction and several children's fantasy books as well as non-fiction books relating to depression and mental illness. In poetry, my work is expressed in several forms: prose, narrative, lyrical, inspirational, comical and satirical, some with meter and rhyme, others as free poetry. I choose which form suits best my subject matter and then use that to full advantage to impart my message.

So when I had to make decisions about the form that this book should take, I thought long and hard. In the end, I believed that rather than index the works and collate them in like genres, it would be far more advantageous and interesting for the reader to read them in the order in which they were written. This would give the reader the added advantage of seeing how my mind works, what I felt and how I expressed himself over a 24 month period. Additionally, because the subject matter is diverse it's the kind of book you can just randomly turn to a page and read, as the time and circumstance allows.

Wall in Pompeii from Tony DeLorger
Wall in Pompeii from Tony DeLorger

If you are familiar with my work on HubPages, you'll know my work as more esoteric than anything else. I believe as a poet, my individual quest is to delve into the human psyche and try to explain in words, the human condition, with all its warts, it's beauty and potential. This bent, if you will, is not limited to any kind of poetry, rather it is a thread throughout all my work. So I write love poetry, philosophical poetry and fun poetry that employs every trick and style I can muster. I write satirical poetry that can be biting but I hope, informative in its ability to be thought-provoking. And I write poetry about life, every aspect in its complexity, its melodrama and angst, for the reader to find common ground and relate to what we all face in this, our earthly life. The technical aspects of my work, vary as I always try to break rules and push boundaries in order to expand my own ability and perhaps the readers mind in acceptance of it.

Copyright, ISBN and Dewey number info from Tony DeLorger
Copyright, ISBN and Dewey number info from Tony DeLorger
Format example from Tony DeLorger
Format example from Tony DeLorger

Having a graphic design background, I also designed the cover and formatted the book for publication. Editing and formatting takes by far the longest, especially with 660 pages, and finally after choosing a book size (in this case B: 198 x 128mm), a font, deciding on line spacing and layout, page numbering and headers or footers, its time to create a pdf file for the printer. Of course their are other necessary paperwork to organize, like applying for the ISBN number that differentiates the book from other books, and cataloging in publication data that gives you the Dewey number and listed information from your national library: so you know where to find the book in the library. In Australia all books published must be submitted to the library as a record of cultural significance.The front cover is a photograph I took in Tuscany, Italy, from a medieval fortress. 'Crossing the line' comes from the idea that I continually push boundaries and the picture is a metaphor and testament to that idea, the beautiful Tuscan hills in the background. The back cover is a photograph of a wall in Pompeii, Italy, many thousands of years old. Both photographs were retouched and then colour posterized to give texture and colour. The cover is set up in Photoshop with all the markup depicting trim marks and placement of spine and then a pdf file created for the printer. One must know the thickness of the print stock to be used in order to calculate the spine width. There is so much that goes on in the background when creating a book and having it published.

I do hope this book is successful and accepted as a meaningful poetic work, as it is really my opus, my definitive statement about who I am and what I want to say. The book is available on line word wide through and available early September 2013. Pre-publication orders will be accepted.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Much appreciated Audrey; when I look at the amount of work I have done, I even astound myself. Thank you for your good wishes.

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      6 years ago from California

      First, congratulations! It is quite an accomplishment --second, I guess--I am in awe of that accomplishment--

    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks so much Vincent, glad you like the cover too. Let's hope it goes well. Always appreciate your kindness and support, my friend.

    • profile image

      Vincent Moore 

      6 years ago

      Amazing but not surprising chronology of your amazing work, 660 pages encompassing 800 pieces of your work, sir you are a prolific writer and yes indeed you do cross over and cover so many genres with your work. Pushing boundaries is a poet's aim, we attempt to dig into a readers heart and soul, have them feel what we felt at the time of writing our piece.

      I love your title "Crossing the Line" it portrays much of who you are, what you've gone through and probably still are going through, yet your work is so compelling and quite often brings a readers attention to your mindset and thinking. You draw from a deep abyss of gray matter that weaves beautifully through your brilliant poetry. I look forward to receiving the link to your book when it's published in September.

      Oh and a surprise to see a comment from the Vincent on your cover, thank you for sharing it. I also really like your artwork and cover design, graphically displayed and suits the title. Well done Tony, good luck with the book when it comes out. I'm sure it will be a soaring success my poet.


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