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Book Review: Dare River Series – Country Heaven (by Ava Miles)

Updated on November 24, 2015

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Country Heaven follows the story of a ‘bad boy’ country singer (Rye), who hires a short order, no nonsense cook (Tory) as his personal chef. Put off by his Hollywood ways in the beginning of their relationship, Tory soon comes to find Rye’s charm infectious and eventually, through the development of their friendship, starts falling for him. We see Rye go from black sheep to knight in shining armor for his family, with Tory along for the ride, then lose her along the way.

Recipes & Lyrics

Loved the recipes...hated the song lyrics. I know that it made sense to have both, but the lyrics, like the book in general was lacking in profundity, and in some instances ridiculous. Good country music is deep country music, and the shallow lyrics left me wondering how good a musician Rye really was. For the most part, I only glanced at the lyrics and simply wished for more of the mouthwatering recipes.


Country Heaven has all the right ingredients for a good story –love, passion, amusement, trials and tribulations, etc. – but the execution was a bit off. It is a superficial compilation of words that could have, but refused to dig beneath the surface. The author did not explore the complexities of the character’s relationships. This may be because she wanted this book to serve as an introduction to the others in the series, but that left Rye’s and Tory’s story wanting, and that lack of depth made this book somewhat unbelievable, and had this reviewer wishing for more grit, more substance, more…something.

My Conclusion

I’ve read Ms. Miles’ Dare Valley series and liked it, but am thus far disappointed in what I’m seeing from her with this first novel in the Dare River series. I hope that she finds her footing with this one, and has done a better job with the other books in this series. Dig deeper Ava, and I’m sure you’ll keep your readers captivated.


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