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Review: Deliberate Receiving by Melody Fletcher

Updated on September 17, 2015

REVIEW – Melody Fletcher’s Deliberate Receiving

As a huge fan of Abraham Hicks, I was pleased to see Abraham terminology used in this book. Fletcher does an amazing job at breaking down how things work in “real world” terms for everyday people to understand. Most of us are really deep into this life thing, too deep to easily comprehend that which we really are. This book builds the bridge between conventional thinking and the foundation of our true identity – spirit. This book does a FANTASTIC job at reaching out to those of us who can get really stuck in the “facts” of life (everybody except Yoda and some monks and maybe Gandalf…). It breaks down the universe and ourselves in a way that people can easily understand and relate to in light of our complex physical world.

Melody gives us permission to manifest great things for ourselves without first having to say a billion affirmations and grovel on the floor in gratitude. She explains in wonderful terms how deserving has nothing to do with manifesting and gives us the map of our own emotions so that we can better understand ourselves and manifest what we want.

This book is not so different from other spiritual or Law of Attraction books. Most of the books say basically the same things in totally different ways and with different focus points. It is highly beneficial to get your hands on every book possible and read as many as you can, even if they all have similar messages. If you have read one you have not read them all! Melody’s book is wonderful because it provides answers (in Melody’s words) to some of the questions many of us have when reading other books on intentional manifesting. Basically, this is an AMAZING guide to have handy as you study the Law of Attraction.

Every teacher of the Law of Attraction and the power of self understands the same thing in different ways. Sometimes in completely different ways. The bottom line of most of these teachings is this: feel good and you will have everything you want. This is not easily done for many so, teachers and people who understand very well step in to offer their versions of how things work in order to help people reach their own levels of ease and fulfillment. This is a basic principle in Fletcher’s book, Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, and Sabrina Woodson’s Easy Manifesting.

One of the biggest and most challenging components that gets in the way of most people’s efforts to feel good is emotion. Melody Fletcher has done an amazing job in breaking down the emotion factor to help people work with their emotions to get to higher vibrations and more satisfying manifestations. For this, she deserves five stars!

She is a bit harsh and sometimes highly critical of The Secret and other people’s attempts to explain the Law of Attraction, which is unnecessary in my opinion. Everyone does the best that they can to convey what they know. The Secret helped and inspired so many people, lifting them out of their powerlessness and reminding them of the god force within. It was one of the first highly mainstream spiritual works. It had to be somewhat of a “Hollywood production” (aka slightly lacking deep understanding) if it was to ever become mainstream in the first place. Mainstream is not necessarily a bad thing; mainstream reaches a lot of people. The Secret has helped many people who were able to understand it and it served as a doorway to increased study for many more.

Nevertheless, five stars to Melody! This is truly an amazing book. Thank you for expressing yourself as you truly are. You are a shining example to others to just be themselves. You are using your personality and natural gifts to help people understand their own power. This proves a central message in LOA teachings: be yourself and you will be prosperous and help others at the same time. Your book stands on the shelf next to those of all the other great teachers, ancient and present-time. Love and Respect to you Melody!

We are on the brink of wonderful things



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